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Life in ‘interesting’ times  

The following article, developed by Michael O’Neil and Mary Allen, first appeared in April/May 2015 edition of Claims Canada magazine. While most of us seek to fill our days with interesting activities, the expression “may you live in interesting times” is generally thought to be a curse. Insurers would likely agree with this interpretation, as […]

Glenn McGillivray, managing director, the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

Rich Ungar, North American business manager for data center automation, ABB

DCIM: An ‘Operating System’ for the Data Center  

Context: the evolution of DCIM scope Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is a powerful management solution with a complex provenance. Rooted in building automation, computer-based control systems for monitoring and managing mechanical and electrical services to improve security and better regulate a facilities’ energy demand, the first applications of DCIM were typically targeted at data […]

451 Research: Uptime Institute finds datacenters still differentiated by vision, design and efficiency

InsightaaS: In the spirit of the Uptime Institute’s founding raison d’etre – the sharing of best practice in data centre design, technology and operation, InsightaaS is pleased to present here a review article on winners of the annual Brill Awards for Efficient IT. Established to honour the late founder of the Uptime Institute, Ken Brill, […]

Andy Lawrence, research VP, datacenter technologies & eco-efficient IT,  451 Research Group

James Kilkelly, CEO, Apto Solutions

Apto’s reuse, recycle business is booming

‘Apto’ is Latin for “to adapt, to adjust, to accommodate”: it is also the name of an emerging company in the ITAD space. For Apto Solutions CEO James Kilkelly, this name root has philosophical meaning that relates to the asset disposal challenges that the IT industry now faces, and to how Apto works to address […]

McKinsey: Sustainability’s strategic worth – Global Survey results

InsightaaS: McKinsey & Co. is a world-leading management consulting firm, known for advising senior management within the world’s largest enterprises. Its website is a font of thoughtful perspective, a source that we read (and highlight on Across the Net) often. Today’s post concerns sustainability, a topic that InsightaaS’s principals follow keenly (we are regular columnists […]