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McKinsey: Sustainability’s strategic worth – Global Survey results  

InsightaaS: McKinsey & Co. is a world-leading management consulting firm, known for advising senior management within the world’s largest enterprises. Its website is a font of thoughtful perspective, a source that we read (and highlight on Across the Net) often. Today’s post concerns sustainability, a topic that InsightaaS’s principals follow keenly (we are regular columnists […]

MIT Technology Review: Energy Demands of Networked Devices Skyrocket 1

InsightaaS: Sometimes, we get so lost in individual trends that it comes as a shock when someone connects them. Many people will probably have that experience when they see the MIT Technology Review article “Energy Demands of Networked Devices Skyrocket.” We are all fully aware that the number of Internet-connected devices is growing and poised […]

Procurement Leaders: Procurement In 2025 – Sustainability

InsightaaS: Procurement Leaders is a membership network “serving senior procurement and supply chain executives from major worldwide corporations, providing independent procurement intelligence, professional development and peer-to-peer networking.” Its members include global leaders in the CPG, telecom, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and financial services industries. This post features a “guest blog” by Carlos Alvarenga of Ernst […]

NYT: Putting a Price Tag on Nature’s Defenses  

InsightaaS: Regular readers will recognize that Sunday’s are a bit different at Across the Net: we tend to feature a post with an environmental theme, and ‘double up’ on content by adding a second post, featuring an infographic. Today’s environmentally-themed post comes from the august New York Times.  An article from the NYT explores research […]

Bill St. Arnaud: NRENs, electric cars, Internet of Things, SDN-P and new funding

InsightaaS: Regular readers are aware that InsightaaS.com’s principals are committed to expanding awareness of the connection between IT and sustainability: we research and write on ways of improving the environmental performance of technology, and of using IT to improve sustainable practices across the economy (in fact, we write a regular column on sustainable IT for […]