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Sunday Infographic: The Psychology of Colour (and observations on our socially-connected globe)

InsightaaS: Infographics can be an interesting way of organizing many types of content – but they are especially well-suited to presenting information on inherently visual subjects.  This infographic is a great example of using a visual display to illustrate (sorry, couldn’t resist) points about visual displays. Before we get to that, though, the path that [...]

The Sunday Infographic: 10 Surprising Social Media Facts

InsightaaS: We stumbled across this infographic on the Dutch site emerce.nl, and thought it would make a fine addition to the Sunday Infographic series. Developed by Buffalo, NY-based digital marketing agency Mainstreethost, the infographic provides an interesting view into some of what makes social media tick.

The Sunday Infographic: 12 Big Data 1-to-1 Marketing Myths 2

Today’s Sunday Infographic was posted to BigData-Startups.com by the DMA Data Council, which descibes itself as “a UK organisation that connects, enables and inspires their members to drive business growth through 1 to 1 to millions communication.” In “12 Big Data 1-to-1 Marketing Myths,” the DMA provides a very balanced perspective on whether and how Big [...]

The Sunday Infographic: Top countries with best customer service

InsightaaS: Today’s Sunday infographic features recent work from Alex Hillsberg of FinancesOnline.com. Previous infographics from Alex and his colleagues have focused on the value of brands and logos, on IT acquisitions and on differences between the online social behaviour of men and women. Today’s infographic extends this approach of connecting personal and business perspectives by [...]

The Sunday Infographic: US Data Centers

InsightaaS: After a one-week hiatus (even ATN gets the odd vacation!), the Sunday Infographic is back – this time, with a terrific look at data centers developed by WhoIsHostingThis.com, and posted on CloudTweaks. It moves quickly from the lowest-common-denominator (what’s a server? What’s an IP address?) to some really interesting material (the impact of union [...]