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Jon Ramsey, CTO, Dell SecureWorks

Innovate and integrate to connect security

‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ applies to more than stocking up on your vitamins. It is also a sound principle on which to base IT security, and one that Dell appears to have adopted if the products and services on display at the recent Dell World 2014 end user conference [...]

Naked Security: Bash “Shellshock” vulnerability – what you need to know

InsightaaS: We usually try to save up security-related items for Fridays, but the recent publicity around Shellshock – plus the clarity of today’s featured post – prompted us to rearrange this week’s ATN rotation. “Bash ‘Shellshock’ vulnerability – what you need to know” was posted on Naked Security, a news/blog site hosted by security vendor [...]


451 Research: 451 Security Summit – Securing the data supply chain, part 2

InsightaaS perspective: 451 Research is one of the world’s leading sources of insight into cutting edge technologies – including areas that are important to InsightaaS and our principals, such as cloud, communications, security, analytics, and sustainable IT. As regular visitors to this site are aware, InsightaaS.com works with 451 Research to bring periodic thought leadership [...]

Dark Reading: Traffic To Hosting Companies Hijacked In Crypto Currency Heist

InsightaaS: UBM’s Dark Reading is one of the web’s best security information resources, connecting security professionals and information via ten communities that “drill deeper into the enterprise security challenge.” In this post, executive editor Kelly Jackson Higgins reports on a crypto-currency theft in which a hacker collected $83,000 by redirecting crypto currency miners to his [...]