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What will it take for Canadian enterprises to win the innovation fight?  

Age of disruption: Are Canadian firms prepared? is the latest installment in Deloitte Canada’s Future of Canada series. This particular report looks at how advanced technologies are driving disruptive innovations that will bring “significant and permanent change to Canada’s business landscape.” The authors narrow the study down to five technologies that will have considerable disruptive […]

Terry Stuart, chief innovation officer, Deloitte Canada

Anton Granic, director, Nutanix Canada

Beyond Convergence 1.0: the Nutanix private cloud-in-a-box  

Converged infrastructure is attracting a lot of attention in industry circles as the key means to reducing IT complexity in the data centre. But how exactly does infrastructure ‘converge’, how do various converged offerings differentiate and to what purpose? To answer these questions and more, InsightaaS spoke with Anton Granic, director of Nutanix’s Canadian business […]

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When should organizations consider predictive analytics?  

Many organizations have been leveraging Business Intelligence (BI) for years and are slowly taking advantage of Big Data platforms to gain access to diverse data and address complex analytical needs. But with increased competition, organizations also require the ability to look ahead as well as back to get the sense of how to improve performance, […]

Solving for the data science conundrum 1  

Across the industry spectrum, data is now extolled as the fount of new insight into market opportunity and operational excellence. Better collection, management and analysis of data, so the story goes, can translate into improved support that enables managers to make the right decisions faster to enhance competitive positioning, performance and/or service delivery. On the […]

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