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What’s in Your e-wallet? 3  

With the increasing popularity of online shopping and electronic wallets, credit card issuers are understandably nervous. Faced with online-friendly products like PayPal, they know that unless their payment methods play well in the new e-economy, they will be quickly displaced. MasterCard has stepped up to the plate with a series of products designed to make […]


Tony Fortunato, principal, The Technology Firm

Enabling tools can put security practices on high alert  

A network performance specialist by profession and principal with The Technology Firm, Tony Fortunato has spent his career working with enterprises to solve issues around networks and security. In recent years, he has seen growing demand on the part of organizations for a specific type of corporate security training around network usage and practices. In […]

VMware builds company and community support for mobile deployments

The mobile revolution is well underway and shows no signs of waning. At the hardware level, smartphone penetration has moved into hyperdrive: according to the Boston Consulting Group, it took a decade to reach the first billion in global smartphone penetration; however, falling prices have meant the next billion was achieved in the last three […]

Shawn Rosemarin, executive director, systems engineering, VMware Canada


Collabmobilicloud: a new document series from InsightaaS

Market observers and tech users are now well versed in the value proposition of cloud, mobility and collaboration technologies. But how these work together to empower new levels of workplace productivity is less well understood. With the support of Dell Canada, InsightaaS is exploring the merging of these technologies in a series of Viewpoint documents […]

Google crossing the line between work and play

The launch of Android for Work has grabbed the attention of a lot of CIOs and developers. But is this announcement enough to make Android a strong enterprise play? Depending on where your inclinations lie, the factors that will determine the success of Android for Work in your environment are many, not the least of […]

Rajen Sheth, director of product management, Android for Work,  Google