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Throwaway Desktops

Imagine logging on to your computer and within seconds getting an up-to-date operating system, complete with the software you need, freshly generated from a central repository. No malware. None of the superfluous junk that accumulates through the life of a system. None of the registry rot that slows you down over time. And all controlled [...]

Kit Colbert, CTO, end user computing, VMware

Cutter Consortium: Mobile Enterprise Collaboration Technology Trends and Market Developments

InsightaaS: Cutter Consortium is an IT advisory firm focused on software development and Agile project management. Cutter’s blog site site presents “opinions on and reactions to what’s happening in business technology.” In this post, senior consultant Curt Hall looks at three key factors affecting the way in which mobility-enabled collaboration systems are bought (and sold): [...]

BlackBerry returns to its roots

The key message at BlackBerry’s Security Summit last week in New York came across loud and clear: BlackBerry is returning to its roots as an enterprise-focused company. Specifically, it’s aiming at regulated industries: government, healthcare, financial services, and energy. That doesn’t mean it’s abandoning its loyal consumer and small business customers – things like the [...]

John Chen, CEO, BlackBerry

Vitamin Y: Google Glass Hackathon

Context: The second ever Canadian Google Glass Hackathon was held at the MaRs Discovery District at the end of April. Intended to inspire the creation of Glass applications that could benefit Toronto and its residents, v2 of the now annual event was sponsored by BNOTIONS – a local mobile strategy, data and analytics innovation firm [...]