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MIT Technology Review: Wireless Power for Minuscule Medical Implants

InsightaaS: One of the key challenges associated with the ‘Internet of Things’ is power – how much electricity will be needed to power billions of new devices, and how will we distribute that electricity to devices that are located in hard-to-reach areas, ranging from sensors beneath the sea to implants within our bodies? In July, [...]

The Sunday Infographic: Safety Features of Self-Driving Cars

InsightaaS: Readers might have gleaned from some of our recent features that InsightaaS is spending a fair amount of time on IoT research – in fact, today’s ATN is on the connection between IoT and medical impants. In the Sunday Infographic, we look at another hot IoT market – driverless vehicles. Today’s infographic, from Dell’s [...]

John Morris: What manufacturing IoT project leaders can learn from healthcare

InsightaaS: In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve known John Morris since we worked together in 1988, and have admired and respected his perspicacity throughout the ensuing 26 years. The post highlighted here provides a great example of the insightful and balanced approach that John brings to analysis of complex IT issues, such as Internet [...]

Jason Bloomberg: Seven Reasons Why the Internet of Things is Doomed 1

InsightaaS: Who doesn’t love a curmudgeonly cynic? Well, there are probably many people in that category, but Across the Net is cynic-friendly, and we tend to cast a kindly eye on curmudgeons as well, especially when they are tweaking conventional wisdom. It’s natural, then, that we would be fans of the perspective that author/analyst Jason [...]

MIT Technology Review: Energy Demands of Networked Devices Skyrocket 1

InsightaaS: Sometimes, we get so lost in individual trends that it comes as a shock when someone connects them. Many people will probably have that experience when they see the MIT Technology Review article “Energy Demands of Networked Devices Skyrocket.” We are all fully aware that the number of Internet-connected devices is growing and poised [...]