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Ten predictions for 2015 – and five issues to keep an eye on for 2016 and beyond

It’s that time of year, the one where everybody is making a list, checking it twice, and then using it as a way of identifying the key developments anticipated for the New Year. As world leaders in deciphering the business issues shaping the use and supply of IT in business, Techaisle and InsightaaS have been [...]

Anurag Agrawal, President, Techaisle

BCG: The Industrial Internet: Six Critical Questions for Equipment Suppliers

InsightaaS: Does anyone still remember when we talked about the ‘old economy’ – the one based on manufacturing products – and the ‘new economy’ that delivered technology-enabled services? This used to be a compelling divide, but the services sector continued to grow, and technology-enabled manufacturing processes (and a general shift towards offshore manufacturing) reduced the [...]

John Morris: Business is the Only “Thing” – Business Semantics and the Internet of Things

InsightaaS: In August, ATN featured a thoughtful post by John Morris in which he discussed the issue of alarm fatigue in the context of IoT. Today, we feature another post by Morris, this time looking at IoT from the perspective of value creation. In it, he approaches IoT from an interesting perspective: rather than focusing [...]

CIO Dashboard: 12 Hurdles Hampering the Internet of Things

InsightaaS: CIO Dashboard is a blog run by PwC principal Chris Curran. This post, co-authored with Curran’s PwC colleague Daniel Eckert, provides a counterweight to the ‘helium’ around IoT: it lists 12 obstacles to the widespread adoption of IoT. The post is not intended to provide a detailed treatment of each of the 12 barriers. [...]

HBR: The Sectors Where the Internet of Things Really Matters

InsightaaS: Harvard Business Review (HBR) is recognized worldwide as a leading source of management insight and innovation. The company’s blogsite often carries commentary from other world-leading sources. In August, ATN highlighted a Gartner Group post on digital CMOs. Today;s feature spotlights a contribution from investment banker Goldman Sachs looking at IoT market development. In the article, senior equity [...]