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Cloud Security Alliance: Sanctioned and unsanctioned apps in cloud ecosystems  

InsightaaS: Today’s featured post, from the Cloud Security Alliance, actually has an even-longer (and for some reason, all caps) title than is presented above: SECURING THE INTERSECTION OF SANCTIONED AND UNSANCTIONED APPS IN CLOUD ECOSYSTEMS. Odd naming conventions aside, it provides insight into an important issue. Published by the chief scientist at Netskope, it presents data on the […]

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Infographic: Cloud Computing in Small Business  

InsightaaS: Regular readers of ATN would be excused for asking, “whatever happened to those cool infographics you used to feature?” Well…wonder no more, here’s the latest in our somewhat-irregular ‘series’! Sourced from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, this infographic provides a good primer on how and why cloud should be used within small business. […]


IBM: DroppedIn: Remotely Exploitable Vulnerability in the Dropbox SDK for Android  

InsightaaS: Research shows that cloud is the most important issue on the IT agenda for 2015, followed closely by mobility; and it also shows that storage is a key workload in the cloud. It makes sense, then, that cloud as a mobile storage platform is central to both corporate infrastructure and to mobile apps, and […]

Andrew Jenkins: 5 C’s for a social selling enterprise  

InsightaaS: Today’s featured post is one of the most unusual you’ll see on LinkedIn: a discussion of social selling that is clear, relevant and practical! That may be a bit unfair, but only a bit. Much of the discourse one sees around “social enterprise,” “social selling” or the many extensions to the “social” theme are […]