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Jason Bloomberg: Seven Reasons Why the Internet of Things is Doomed

InsightaaS: Who doesn’t love a curmudgeonly cynic? Well, there are probably many people in that category, but Across the Net is cynic-friendly, and we tend to cast a kindly eye on curmudgeons as well, especially when they are tweaking conventional wisdom. It’s natural, then, that we would be fans of the perspective that author/analyst Jason [...]

The Economist: Unplugged and unproductive

InsightaaS: The Economist is one of the world’s most respected sources of insight into business and social issues, and often achieves the rare feat of connecting both perspectives into a single analysis. “Unplugged and unproductive” is one such piece. Based on a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, it looks at the gap between the [...]

Wikibon: People & Relationships Just as Important as Data for New CDOs

InsightaaS: Wikibon is one of the Internet’s best sources of IT industry insight – an open source community of world-leading analysts that has its roots in storage and system research, and has evolved to be a leader in understanding software-led infrastructure, Big Data, and cloud. In this post, Wikibon principal research contributor Jeff Kelly provides [...]

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Vitamin Y: An alliance analysis of IBM/Apple

Context: On July 15, Apple and IBM announced a “global partnership to transform enterprise mobility.” It spanned several different areas of collaboration: “industry-specific enterprise solutions” for iPhone and iPad, IBM cloud services “optimized for iOS, including device management, security, analytics and mobile integration,” and “new packaged offerings from IBM for device activation, supply and management.” [...]

Roger Kay on Forbes.com: Form Factor Epiphany

InsightaaS: Roger Kay is one of the world’s leading experts on client technology, including PCs, tablets and mobiles. Formerly a senior executive at IDC, Kay is now president of his own firm, Endpoint Technology Partners, and is a regular contributor to Forbes.com; the piece featured here was published on Forbes.com earlier this month. In it, [...]