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Nemertes: 5 Contact Center Predictions for 2015 (and a glance at 2014 in review)  

InsightaaS: As the world evolves away from person-to-person voice conversations as a primary means of connection/collaboration, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that corporations invest hundreds of billions (with a “B”!) in contact centres each year, and that these operations are in turn evolving to keep pace with changes in both technology options […]


Hand and domino

OpenView Venture Partners: The One Thing VCs Love to See Even More Than Growth  

InsightaaS: As followers of technology know (and as I’ve highlighted in a recent ATN), tech has entered a private investment/venture-fueled bubble. This causes entrepreneurs of all descriptions to look for ways to attract the attention of funding sources: edgy names and slogans, ginormous target market predictions, indicators of massive pent-up demand… Most young businesses try to persuade […]

Infographic: A brief history of gamification  

InsightaaS: Relying on the combined wisdom of “a picture is worth a thousand words” and “it takes a long time to write a thousand words,” I’m always on the lookout for infographics that provide relevant commentary on the subjects that are covered on ATN. Today’s feature qualifies on both counts. I’m on record as saying that […]


HDS: Creating value from Big Data – make predictions using Machine Learning  

InsightaaS: Anyone who has read the Big Data coverage on this site or my book on cloud will know that I have a lot of time for Paul Lewis. Now CTO of HDS Canada, Lewis combines deep insight into Big Data and related issues with a genuine and humorous way of structuring his point of […]

Paul Lewis