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Infographic: The link between online trust and online business

InsightaaS: I don’t really have a “go to” source for infographics, but I do regularly review those from Alex Hillsberg of FinancesOnline.com, which are generally good at delivering on the promise of the infographic format: delivery of credible, relevant insight in an easy-to-digest format. We’ve featured infographics from Alex and his colleagues focused on the value of [...]

Ray Wang: Inside 2015 Boardroom Priorities

InsightaaS: R. “Ray” Wang is one of the IT industry’s most widely-respected analysts. Currently the CEO of Constellation Research, Wang is recognized as a leader in identifying digital business practice options and adoption pathways. The post featured today provides a good example of Wang’s approach, and why his opinion is so highly valued in the [...]

ASYMCO: The Innovator’s Stopwatch. Part 1

InsightaaS: Across the Net regularly highlights posts from Horace Dediu’s ASYMCO blog, an important source of information on issues pertaining to Apple and to the smartphone and related markets generally. In this post, Dediu overlays analysis of US smartphone adoption with a logistic function that can be applied – and is, in an informative graph contained in the text [...]

Tableau: Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence in 2015

InsightaaS: Most businesspeople are familiar with the Market Lifecycle (or Market Adoption Curve), in which products are plotted on curve that moves from “early adopters” to “early mass market” to “late mass market” to “laggards” (or in the variant I prefer, “repeat purchasers”).  I used to do a lot of workshops that would include a [...]