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Bain & Co.: Reimagining IT for an omnichannel world

InsightaaS: Bain & Company is one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, employed by senior executives at major corporations to help them to “make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire.” The post featured today illustrates why Bain is viewed as a source of essential advice. In [...]

Gartner: Crowd Missing from Vast Majority of Crowdfunding

InsightaaS: As we reach the end of August, we thought we’d provide a second perspective on a couple of the debates that enlivened the summer. Today’s featured post, from Gartner, provides a guarded perspective on crowdfunding; it follows a Nick Carr piece that we featured last Sunday in seeing shadows in key aspects of the “sharing [...]

Krigsman: Digital transformation and the innovative CFO

InsightaaS: Regular readers of Across the Net are aware of our respect for Michael Krigsman, well-known IT expert and author of the widely-read Beyond IT Failure blog on ZDNet. We appreciate Krigsman’s tendency to base his posts on extensive research, and to present a distinct (and informed) point of view on subjects that we consider [...]

Michael Loftus: Musing about mobility, wearables, and enterprise IT

InsightaaS: Within the financial services sector, Michael Loftus is well-known as an expert in client technology, and in connecting users with IT-based systems through the effective deployment of client technology. After guiding the Workspace and infrastructure planning, design and client services functions at two major FIs, Loftus moved to create Hyper T, a new consulting [...]

Nicholas Carr: The other dude in the car

InsightaaS: Regular Across the Net readers are aware of the regard we have for Internet/IT philosopher Nicolas Carr of “IT Doesn’t Matter” fame; we consider his Rough Type blog to be required reading for those (including us!) who are trying to stay current with not just IT developments but their meaning. The post featured today provides a [...]