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Gartner: Surprise…You’re a Zombie! 2

InsightaaS: The Gartner Blog Network collects posts from across Gartner’s research community. In this post, Gartner research director Jeff Brooks delivers the first of what is positioned as a three-part series making an unlikely (if entertaining) connection between infrastructure and operations (I&O) and zombies. We carried a link to the first installment in March; the [...]

McKendrick: Challenge – Keeping the Internet of Things grounded in reality

InsightaaS: ZDNet is a source of many interesting blogs, including the “Service Oriented” blog authored by Joe McKendrick. In this post, McKendrick encourages us to take a step back from IoT hype, and look instead for “specific functions and applications where it really makes sense.” McKendrick highlights a couple of these, and notes that as [...]

The Sunday Infographic: Accenture on mobility

InsightaaS: Each Sunday, we feature an “Infographic of the week” on Across the Net. In this one, Accenture provides insights based on Canadian findings from a global survey of C-level executives. Those wanting to see the infographic in its original context are encourage to click here; those interested in the global perspective can find more [...]

CIO Mobility Infographic_English

Forrester: If Dr. Seuss Could Comment Upon IoT, This Is What He Might Say…

InsightaaS: Forrester Research is one of the world’s leading IT analyst firms – it is generally thought to be a key source of insight into and influence over use of new technologies. The company’s blog page contains commentary from its analysts. In some cases, we’re treated to one that steps a bit outside of the [...]

Nick Carr: The myth of the endless ladder

InsightaaS: After a hiatus, Nicholas Carr’s Rough Type blog has returned. In this post, Carr looks at the contention that an increasingly-automated economy delivers higher-value employment opportunities as a consequence of its progress. Carr, in his usual clear and articulate manner, disagrees vehemently: “Much is obscured,” he says, by use of verbs like “frees” and [...]