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Nick Carr: The myth of the endless ladder

InsightaaS: After a hiatus, Nicholas Carr’s Rough Type blog has returned. In this post, Carr looks at the contention that an increasingly-automated economy delivers higher-value employment opportunities as a consequence of its progress. Carr, in his usual clear and articulate manner, disagrees vehemently: “Much is obscured,” he says, by use of verbs like “frees” and [...]

Cutter Consortium: Criteria for Selecting a Social Media Partner

InsightaaS: Cutter Consortium is an IT advisory firm focused on software development and agile project management. Cutter’s blog site site presents “opinions on and reactions to what’s happening in business technology.” In this post, Stephen Andriole, a Fellow with Cutter’s Business Technology Strategies practice, identifies and describes seven criteria that companies can use to select [...]

HBR: Why Your Analytics are Failing You

InsightaaS: Harvard Business Review (HBR) is recognized worldwide as a leading source of management insight and innovation. In this post, Michael Schrage, a research fellow at MIT Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business, reviews the results of analytics facilitation sessions and reviews with Fortune 1000 companies to determine that “Return on Analytics (ROA)” is determined [...]

Ovum: Hortonworks HDP 2.1 release starts extending “Hadoop Core” platform

InsightaaS: Ovum’s StraightTalk blogsite provides a central portal for opinions from Europe’s best-recognized IT analyst firm. In this post, principal analyst Tony Baer discusses extensions Hortonworks’ Hadoop platform. As Baer points out, Hortonworks is not the only supplier working with Hadoop, but he believes that “HDP 2.1 provides a good indicator to customers as to [...]

ReadWrite: 7 Heartbleed Myths Debunked

InsightaaS: ReadWrite was founded more than a decade ago (as ReadWriteWeb – it was relaunched under its current name in 2012), and is one of the most widely-read sources of IT news on the web. In “7 Heartbleed Myths Debunked,” ReadWrite’s Adriana Lee brings some clarity to the fervour surrounding the Heartbleed “virus” (starting with [...]