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The controversy over Uber

InsightaaS: There is a growing buzz around Uber’s approach to business. At one point, the buzz was positive, reflecting the company’s massive $18 billion valuation, supported by a $1.2 billion financing round in June. Then things started to get strange. A bizarre scheme to undercut Lyft was reported by The Verge, Tech Crunch, Business Insider [...]

Wikibon: Breaking Down the Hortonworks S-1

InsightaaS: Last spring, Wikibon - an open source community of world-leading analysts that has its roots in storage and system research, and has evolved to be a leader in understanding software-led infrastructure, Big Data, and cloud, and an organization that we have great admiration for – published its Big Data vendor revenue and market forecast for [...]

Krigsman: IT spend is growing, but CIOs ‘just don’t get it’

InsightaaS: Regular readers of Across the Net are aware of our respect for Michael Krigsman, well-known IT expert and author; we appreciate Krigsman’s tendency to base his posts on extensive research, and to present a distinct (and informed) point of view on subjects that we consider important. In this piece, published on the Enterprise Irregulars [...]

ATN Infographic: Cloud and a ‘flood of savings’ for SMBs

InsightaaS: In the lates installment of our more or less weekly series of infographics, we visit Cloud Tweaks and find an infographic (sourced from CAD vendor Autodesk) on how cloud delivers a “flood of sving$” for SMBs. It isn’t actually possible to represent all of the ways that cloud can benefit SMBs in a single [...]

EquityZen: Is Buffer’s Series A a Paradigm Shift in Fundraising?

InsightaaS: This post from EquityZen actually first appeared on InsightaaS as part of a comment responding to an earlier ATN post, but it got lost for several weeks in the morass of spam comments (more than 3,300 to date!). In recognition of the quality of the post, the subject matter and our appreciation for having [...]