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Across the Net: Oracle, Forrester and the Modern Marketer

InsightaaS: As a continuation of yesterday’s infographic post – in which we highlighted social connections that bring unique content to light – I’d like to focus today on highlighting connections between social and compelling content, but also, between the ‘perspectives’ of less-than-unique media.  Let’s start with the positive side of the equation. I met Rebecca [...]

Sunday Infographic: The Psychology of Colour (and observations on our socially-connected globe)

InsightaaS: Infographics can be an interesting way of organizing many types of content – but they are especially well-suited to presenting information on inherently visual subjects.  This infographic is a great example of using a visual display to illustrate (sorry, couldn’t resist) points about visual displays. Before we get to that, though, the path that [...]

The Guardian: Lies, damn pies and obesity statistics – We’re NOT a nation of fatties

InsightaaS: The Guardian is one of the world’s most respected news sources. Founded in 1821, it has stayed relevant by providing in-depth analysis of both local (UK) and global issues.  We last featured content from The Guardian on October 6. Given the richness of perspective found on the web, it’s very unusual for us to feature any source [...]

Datacenter Dynamics: Toronto’s Booming Data Centers are Ripe for Refit

InsightaaS: This is a curious item for InsightaaS’s Across the Net section – it highlights Datacenter Dynamics’ media coverage of a DCD report on the Toronto data center market, with an information and registration link to a Toronto DCD event that is taking place on November 6. Why is this unusual?  Well…the report was written [...]