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An SDN primer

Much like cloud in the data centre a half decade back, software defined networking (SDN) is poised to revolutionize networking. A programmable interface that enables new levels of control over hardware infrastructure, SDN promises to ease the bottleneck to the acceleration of cloud computing that networking had become. But like any technology in its nascent [...]

Sarwar Raza, director, cloud networking and SDN, advanced technology group, HP Networking

Interop 8

Ever wondered what Interop looks like?

Interop Las Vegas is the flagship event in UBM Tech’s global conference and expo series. Held each spring, this “independent” technology conference aims to “inspire” and “inform” through live demos and implementations in the InteropNet program, training workshops, lectures, panel discussions, keynote presentations and awards celebrations. This year’s event boasted the co-located Cloud Connect Summit, [...]

Michael Zhu, senior director of global solutions and alliances, HP Networking

HP and NEC join forces to drive SDN

Designed to deliver flexibility and choice in networking gear to enterprise IT, software-defined networking (SDN) has generated a good deal of buzz in the user community. For those in the know, SDN offers the means to circumvent lock in to proprietary hardware and systems, and a way to customize management of networking equipment to better [...]

Modelling SMB networking needs

The much discussed and misread SMB is the power house of the Canadian economy. Employing 64 percent of working Canadians[1], small and medium sized businesses account for over half of the country’s GDP. [2] But if the contribution of the SMB is clear, defining the needs of this community has proved more elusive due to [...]

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