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Distributed intelligence and IoT fog

By this point, anyone who is connected to the Internet knows how many ‘things’ will be online by 2020. Numbers of connected devices, first calculated by IBM and recounted many times over with some variation on Kevin Ashton’s Internet of Things theme – Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE), which throws people and process in the [...]

Rob Lloyd, president, development and sales, Cisco


451 Research: Ad attribution startups garner early exits in shift past pay per click

InsightaaS perspective: 451 Research is one of the world’s leading sources of insight into cutting edge technologies – including areas that are important to InsightaaS and our principals, such as cloud, collaboration, analytics, and sustainable IT. As regular visitors to this site are aware, InsightaaS.com works with 451 Research to bring occasional thought leadership pieces to our [...]

Rob Lloyd, president, development and sales, Cisco

CiscoLive 2014 showcases the advance of Intercloud

Cisco celebrated the 25th anniversary of CiscoLive this week by building on a theme that has been at the heart of the company’s evolution – collaboration. At the company’s chief annual customer event held in San Francisco, the collaboration team introduced new solutions to improve the individual user experience, including Android-based DX70 and DX80 devices that [...]

Waterloo Innovation Summit take two

Waterloo has no shortage of creative engineers and inspired inventors. The trick, of course, is to turn this intellectual bubbling into startup talent, which in turn will build self-sustaining businesses that can support the local community. This multi-stage, multi-stakeholder agenda accounts for the range of government, research and business representatives who descended on the University [...]

Feridun Hamdullahpur, president and vice chancellor, University of Waterloo