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Hyper-convergence with EVO:RAIL

‘Software defined’ in much data centre parlance has been associated with new levels of programmability in the configuration and management of IT infrastructure, with advanced customization and end user control the outcome. At its most recent annual end user conference, VMware pushed its own spin on this concept with announcement of a new appliance built [...]

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Atlantic.Net launches cloud in Canada

“There is very little understanding that Toronto is the fifth largest North American metro area and the second or third largest international banking transaction center in North America; that Canada ranks fifth in the world for low risk data center siting, following only the US, UK, Sweden and Germany, and that the largest concentration of [...]

Marty Puranik, founder and CEO, Atlantic.net

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Success by Design in cloud data management

InsightaaS: As businesses move past the exploratory stages of cloud into its use as a production-grade component of corporate infrastructure, we are seeing new cloud management issues emerge. Most organizations have moved beyond “should we use cloud?” and “should we look at IaaS, PaaS and/or SaaS” to issues associated with enterprise-level IT operations. Some of [...]

Enterprise ready Hadoop by RainStor 1

It’s a common question: is Hadoop enterprise ready? Viewed from one angle, this is a moot question. Hadoop, v1.0 and v2.0, are already in wide-spread use. But according to data archive vendor RainStor, which is trying very hard to turn Hadoop into a production database, only a small percentage of big businesses are relying on [...]