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Earth Rangers Centre tour 2014

Back in the 60s, a famous Canadian media philosopher coined the phrase “the medium is the message” to suggest that the delivery technology is in itself what provides meaning. In a variation on that theme, Cisco and Schneider met at the Earth Rangers Centre for Sustainable Technology this month to demonstrate how technology can not [...]

Peter Kendall, executive director, Earth Rangers

Kiril Tatarinov, EVP, business solutions group, Microsoft

Convergence 2014 a ‘customer experience’ extravaganza

A new buzzword that is creating a stir in ecommerce circles, ‘customer experience’ was the catchphrase at Convergence 2014, the Microsoft Dynamics event held in Atlanta, Georgia this month. But in a twist on the term, the expression was used at this year’s annual user conference and expo in a multi-layered way to reference both [...]

Avaya Evolutions Toronto 2014

Avaya mustered a mass of trending stats in plenary sessions at its fifth annual Toronto user conference to sketch out key challenges in the collaboration space and how these may be addressed though “The Power of We.” This tagline encapsulates Avaya messaging for the Avaya Evolutions 2014 event, and in broader strokes: the company is [...]

Brett Shockley, SVP & CTO, Avaya

Tom Noonan, GM EnergyWise Solutions, Cisco

JouleX IP now integrated into Cisco’s revamped energy-as-a-service

At once the source of all life and a looming threat to it, the energy beast is bucking at its tether. Virtually all productive human activity is dependent on energy – in its fossil fuel or electrical forms; however, the extraction, generation and consumption of that energy is having a profoundly negative impact on environmental [...]

Avaya builds Sochi connections

A two-time champion in Olympic bidding, Avaya has won the right to act as official network supplier for the upcoming Sochi Winter Games.  As part of preparations for the global competition, the business communications specialist has successfully negotiated its first test – a technical dress rehearsal for complete network, communications and collaboration solutions to support [...]

Dean Frohwerk, Avaya distinguished solution engineer