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TechRepublic: Gartner declares IaaS race decided, AWS wins  

InsightaaS: Much has been written about Gartner’s recent take on the IaaS market (including a brief piece that I published in the TCBC forum on LinkedIn). The linkedIn piece focuses on the contention that buyers should beware of suppliers other than AWS, Microsoft and Google. Today’s featured post, from TechRepublic, takes a somewhat different approach. It highlights […]


Anton Granic, director, Nutanix Canada

Beyond Convergence 1.0: the Nutanix private cloud-in-a-box  

Converged infrastructure is attracting a lot of attention in industry circles as the key means to reducing IT complexity in the data centre. But how exactly does infrastructure ‘converge’, how do various converged offerings differentiate and to what purpose? To answer these questions and more, InsightaaS spoke with Anton Granic, director of Nutanix’s Canadian business […]

Drawing the lines between Collabmobilicloud  

Is cloud a solution? Are collaboration and mobility technology outcomes? Or is a solution the answer to a user’s problems? Increasingly, in a new work era defined by staff mobility and flexibility, businesses are approaching technology acquisition in this last light – as one of several inputs to resolving an issue or challenge, rather than […]

dreamstime_s_18156378 - Collabmobilicloud


451 Research: Cloud Price Index – Private Edition, Part 3: the best value TCO for private cloud?  

InsightaaS: Back in December, InsightaaS reported on a new 451 Research initiative designed to determine baseline costs for different cloud delivery models. At the time, InsightaaS’s Mary Allen noted that “trend analysis in the Index service over time should better reflect changes in a highly dynamic market and the drift to or away from commoditization for […]

Frameworks and culture in Roadmaps to Cloud Success  

A book as the source of knowledge in a world of digital communication? Surely not! In fact, not one, but two books served as the inspiration for presentations at the Roadmap to Cloud Success event held in Toronto last week. The third of four sessions in CenturyLink’s Reset on the Panacea of Cloud breakfast series, […]

David Shacochis, VP, cloud platform, CenturyLInk Technology Solutions