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CloudEndure: Azure and AWS reliability numbers

InsightaaS: We generally highlight a single third-party post on Across the Net, but we decided to try a two-fer today. In the past week, Ohad Finker, editor of CloudEndure’s The NinesObserver blog site, has published analyses of service figures for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services – and given that reliability is often cited as [...]

GigaOm: Survey – new business will drive second wave of cloud adoption

InsightaaS: GigaOm has been a unique presence in the IT industry – a digital-savvy media presence that has added research capabilities and analysts, including David Card, who was arguably IDC’s best analyst before departing for Jupiter Research (and later Forrester). This post sheds some light on why Card and GigaOm are so well-regarded in the [...]

CTS managed services now “cloudified” 1

Is ‘IT-as-a-service’ a creature of vendor marketing departments or reality for consumers of IT today? As with most definitional questions in the world of IT, the answer is ‘it depends’. For many companies that rely on technology to drive the business agenda in the here and now, ITaaS represents a future vision where IT supports [...]

Richard Seroter, head of product management, CenturyLink Cloud

The Register: Cloud computing aka ‘The future is trying to KILL YOU’

InsightaaS: The Register is a leading global online tech publication, with more than nine million monthly unique browsers worldwide. It combines broad coverage of IT industry news with an informed POV – served at least occasionally with a healthy dollop of tongue-in-cheek humour. “Cloud computing aka ‘The future is trying to KILL YOU’” illustrates why [...]

CloudTweaks: Are Cloud Providers Facing A Backlash Over Continued NSA Revelations?

InsightaaS: Cloud Tweaks uses a combination of research and editorial bloggers (both staff and outside contributors) to inform readers about key IT topics: cloud, convergence, and green, grid and utility computing. In this post, freelancer Daniel Price looks at the business impact of revelations regarding NSA scrutiny of US web traffic. Edward Snowden, the NSA, Heartbleed [...]