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EnterpriseTech: A Rare Peek Into The Massive Scale of AWS

InsightaaS: I believe that ATN provides an interesting perspective on technology in the business world each day. Some days, it goes beyond that, highlighting an article that is unique in its insight into how technology changes behaviour, affects management options, or is built and delivered. Today’s feature is one of the ‘beyond’ pieces. A post [...]

ATN Infographic: Cloud and a ‘flood of savings’ for SMBs

InsightaaS: In the lates installment of our more or less weekly series of infographics, we visit Cloud Tweaks and find an infographic (sourced from CAD vendor Autodesk) on how cloud delivers a “flood of sving$” for SMBs. It isn’t actually possible to represent all of the ways that cloud can benefit SMBs in a single [...]

Gartner: The Top 10 Cloud Myths

InsightaaS: Gartner Group is universally recognized as the most authoritative analyst firm in the IT industry; the company isn’t always right in its forecasts, but its pronouncements always carry weight amongst technology buyers and sellers alike. The “Top 10 Cloud Myths” post provides an illustration of Gartner’s market power. The ‘myths’ themselves are well short [...]

Kevin Fogarty, freelance IT journalist and frequent contributor to InsightaaS

Public cloud rumblings gathering force

Using GE’s decision to shift to public cloud as an important anecdotal marker and market data from a number of research houses as quantitative evidence of the public future, in the article below, Kevin Fogarty examines strategies adopted by several of the large IT vendors to capture the coming wave. From software providers looking for [...]

Me + Many: Cost Considerations of Cloud Hosting

InsightaaS: Social media can be an amazing connector. Last week, one of our twitter accounts registered a new follower, Gary Smart of Australia. After a quick check, we followed him back, and looked at his brand-new, one-post-only-so-far blog, Me+Many. The post itself was on cost considerations of cloud hosting, which happened to be the subject [...]