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Me + Many: Cost Considerations of Cloud Hosting

InsightaaS: Social media can be an amazing connector. Last week, one of our twitter accounts registered a new follower, Gary Smart of Australia. After a quick check, we followed him back, and looked at his brand-new, one-post-only-so-far blog, Me+Many. The post itself was on cost considerations of cloud hosting, which happened to be the subject [...]

Joe McKendrick: Unraveling the confusion about PaaS

InsightaaS:  ZDNet has assembled an enviable roster of knowledgeable IT commentators, including Joe McKendrick, whose “Service Oriented” blog provides a thoughtful perspective on IT management issues. The post featured today is actually the second in an informal series: the first (“PaaS may not be ready for the enterprise, at least this year”) highlighted seven issues [...]

Apps Run the Cloud: World’s 500 Largest Cloud Applications Vendors

InsightaaS: We have observed in the past (for example, when we are highlighting research from one of teh Enterprise Irregulars) that independent software analysts are becoming the most important voices in the industry, supplanting analysts from established research companies. In today’s feature, we highlight the work of one such voice: Albert Pang, whose Apps Run [...]

CloudEndure: Azure and AWS reliability numbers

InsightaaS: We generally highlight a single third-party post on Across the Net, but we decided to try a two-fer today. In the past week, Ohad Finker, editor of CloudEndure’s The NinesObserver blog site, has published analyses of service figures for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services – and given that reliability is often cited as [...]

GigaOm: Survey – new business will drive second wave of cloud adoption

InsightaaS: GigaOm has been a unique presence in the IT industry – a digital-savvy media presence that has added research capabilities and analysts, including David Card, who was arguably IDC’s best analyst before departing for Jupiter Research (and later Forrester). This post sheds some light on why Card and GigaOm are so well-regarded in the [...]