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Mobile workforce trends in tech  

The mobile workforce is alive and well – at least in people’s minds. But a recent executive roundtable hosted by Natalie Lambert, senior director, workspace services marketing for Citrix, indicated that while the interest and intent are definitely there, the execution is weaker, especially when the numbers from Canadian and US executives are compared. Lambert’s […]

Natalie Lambert, senior director, workspace service marketing, Citrix

Mark Harris, lead, IBM Analytics, Canada

Big Blue goes big on IoT  

The Internet of Things has served for several years now as an aspirational touch point for bright imaginings around our connected future. But the dial on IoT positioning shifted into hyperdrive this spring as several of the tier one IT vendors announced new platforms aimed at enabling the development of IoT solutions. HP, for example, […]

Delving into Delve  

It’s been a while since Microsoft came up with a shiny new product. Sure, we’ve had upgrades of this and that: Windows, Office, development tools, and other products, but little that made people sit up and take notice. At the Microsoft Convergence conference this spring, that changed. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showed off something new: […]

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS.com


Collabmobilicloud: a new document series from InsightaaS  

Market observers and tech users are now well versed in the value proposition of cloud, mobility and collaboration technologies. But how these work together to empower new levels of workplace productivity is less well understood. With the support of Dell Canada, InsightaaS is exploring the merging of these technologies in a series of Viewpoint documents […]

Democratizing IT to drive digitization  

Kevin Peesker launched this year’s Dell’s Power To Do More IT Summit with the iconic video Did You Know? Documenting rapid fire the pace of change in the connected world of today, the video focuses on tech enablement, and, as the president of Dell Canada noted, on the merging of technology and business in global […]

Kevin Peesker, president, Dell Canada