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CenturyLink Technology Solutions moving “up the stack”

A way to separate the providers from the players, solutions focus enables vendor organizations to move up the value chain to client conversations around solving business issues and the added services which that entails. A solutions approach can also serve to differentiate the vendor, marking the organization as a one-stop go-to for expertise and capability [...]

Kevin Conway, director, global solutions management, e-commerce, digital marketing and content management, CenturyLink Technology Solutions

Cindy Boisvert, communications and marketing officer, AtmanCo

AtmanCo adopts Azure to support growth

Background Founded in 2003 by psychologist and president Michel Guay, AtmanCo is a provider of multilingual personality testing services to HR departments on a global basis. The company aims to create “business happiness” with a psychometric testing solution that helps client organizations select qualified personnel and develop natural talents, delivering employee satisfaction that can reduce [...]

InsightaaS and TechConnex talk cloud tactics and tools 1

What is the current state of cloud adoption, how are IaaS, PaaS and SaaS evolving and what steps can users take to maximize the benefits of cloud technologies? These questions and more animated last Friday’s Cloud Bootcamp, presented by InsightaaS.com and hosted by TechConnex, the former York Technology Association, as 17 presenters representing the industry [...]

TechConnex cloud resize

Bik Dutta, director, product management, CenturyLink Technology Solutions Canada

Savvis now CenturyLink Technology Solutions 1

What’s in a name? Savvis changed its name today to CenturyLink Technology Solutions, building on an integration with the global network services provider that began with CenturyLink’s acquisition of the company back in April 2011. Designed to bolster CenturyLink’s developing capabilities in emerging IT delivery markets, the acquisition was intended to draw together complementary capabilities: [...]

A budget-friendly approach to flash storage

A mathematics and IT management specialist from the University of Calgary, John Schouten embarked on his career in the IT industry through work to support applications and hardware based upon early x86 systems. Over the past fifteen years, he has focused primarily on infrastructure solutions related to server consolidation, data centre optimization and the availability [...]

John Schouten, data centre strategist,
enterprise systems group, Dell