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Building support for cloud adoption

For users of IT, cloud entails new ways of thinking about the acquisition and consumption of technology. But if properly understood and managed, cloud’s value proposition – cost savings and business agility – is well worth the effort involved in rethinking the application of technology to business processes. With cloud, though, we’re still early in [...]

Doug Kennedy, VP, Dynamics enterprise sales and customer lifecycle management, Microsoft

Richard Seroter, head of product management, CenturyLink Cloud

CTS managed services now “cloudified”

Is ‘IT-as-a-service’ a creature of vendor marketing departments or reality for consumers of IT today? As with most definitional questions in the world of IT, the answer is ‘it depends’. For many companies that rely on technology to drive the business agenda in the here and now, ITaaS represents a future vision where IT supports [...]

Calculating the human cost of cloud

Cloud business value has become axiom in the discourse around new computing models. Beyond the potential cost savings associated with more efficient use of shared compute resources in highly virtualized environments, automated provisioning and orchestration promise on-demand scaling of compute resources to deliver more rapid time to innovation and new levels of business agility – [...]

JaredWray, CTO CenturyLink Cloud

CenturyLink Technology Solutions moving “up the stack”

A way to separate the providers from the players, solutions focus enables vendor organizations to move up the value chain to client conversations around solving business issues and the added services which that entails. A solutions approach can also serve to differentiate the vendor, marking the organization as a one-stop go-to for expertise and capability [...]

Kevin Conway, director, global solutions management, e-commerce, digital marketing and content management, CenturyLink Technology Solutions