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Anatomy of an acquisition: creating the “perfect storm”  

Conventional wisdom on developing new capability holds that there are three distinct approaches – companies can build, buy or ally. Each path is viewed as offering its own advantage: while many organizations acquire companies for quick entrée to new IP or resources, others choose to partner for low cost access to technology, and yet a […]

Virginia Brailey, VP marketing, Cogeco Data Services

Cogeco set to launch next gen cloud  

How do you make cloud more compelling? This was the question facing Cogeco Data Services, which went public this past December with plans to introduce a new cloud service. Scheduled for launch in the early part of 2015, Cogeco’s next generation public cloud will feature dual hypervisors, geo redundancy and location on Canadian soil – […]

Tieto translating integration experience to Industrial Internet reality  

By most accounts, IoT offers huge potential for improvement of productivity, environmental health, and daily life, and analyst growth predictions for this opportunity are now estimated in the trillions of dollars. Gartner research, for example, has calculated that global incremental economic value generated from IoT will be $1.9 trillion in 2020, while Cisco researchers have […]


Jeff McNaught, executive director marketing and chief strategy officer, Dell Cloud Client-Computing2

No one size fits all in Dell VDI 1  

Back in the old days of cloud – half a decade ago now – desktop virtualization was viewed as a precocious harbinger of the kinds of benefits that would come through remote delivery of IT services. And unlike a lot of other cloud technologies that promised new efficiencies sometime in the future, hosted desktop virtualization […]

Watson in commercial mode  

If necessity is the mother of invention, commercialization is its handmaiden. Defined as the process whereby new products are brought to market, commercialization has been the subject of countless business and academic studies, and with good reason: though estimates vary, there is some consensus that close to 95 percent of inventions fail and only 5 […]

James Carroll, CEO, LifeLearn Inc.