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The Sunday Infographic: How Many Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide…?

InsightaaS: As regular Across the Net readers know, we’re in the habit of publishing an infographic each Sunday. Some readers may remember that in late April we broke with that tradition, publishing instead a link to the superb “World’s Biggest Data Breaches” interactive visualization from Information is Beautiful. Today, we return to Information is Beautiful […]

Risky Business: The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States

InsightaaS: The Risky Business project was launched in October, 2013 to focus on “quantifying and publicizing the economic risks from the impacts of a changing climate.” Although it is a relatively new initiative, it has very deep roots at the highest level of the US business and political communities: the three co-chairs include Michael Bloomberg […]

Jonathan Koomey: Climate change as an adaptive challenge

InsightaaS: It is our practice to feature posts on environmental or social policy issues in our Sunday editions of Across the Net. This week, we have the privilege of highlighting an exceptional post by Jonathan Koomey, Consulting Professor at Stanford University. Regular readers of this section will recognize Koomey as a source that InsightaaS and […]

USGCRP: Climate Change Impacts in the United States 2  

InsightaaS: At dinner recently, a friend asked an environmentally-focused young woman whether colonizing distant planets was the best option for humans whose home planet is rapidly becoming less hospitable. Her answer was that given our environmental record on Earth, she’d hesitate to recommend that we bring our habits to other spheres. This conversation is clearly […]