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No one size fits all in Dell VDI 1  

Back in the old days of cloud – half a decade ago now – desktop virtualization was viewed as a precocious harbinger of the kinds of benefits that would come through remote delivery of IT services. And unlike a lot of other cloud technologies that promised new efficiencies sometime in the future, hosted desktop virtualization […]

Jeff McNaught, executive director marketing and chief strategy officer, Dell Cloud Client-Computing2

Sarah McMullin, project manager on the Guelph initiative, SAP Canada

Populating the Barcode of Life  

What do crowdsourcing, mobile technology and DNA have in common? If you answered a unique means of gathering information to populate the International Barcode of Life database, you would be on to something. If you added a collaborative project undertaken by SAP and The University of Guelph, you would be familiar with a research initiative […]

Dell World III – a study in transformation  

The “largest startup in the world” is accelerating the transformation it embarked on over five years ago. As Michael Dell noted in his keynote at the third annual Dell World conference yesterday, free from the constraints of shareholder scrutiny, the now private Dell will be able to focus on long term investments to develop technology […]

Michael Dell, CEO, Dell

Peter Devenyi, SVP, enterprise software, BlackBerry

BlackBerry stepping up EMM game  

BlackBerry has received more than its fair share of media scrutiny over the past year with device trend watchers salivating over much anticipated dramatic news for the Waterloo-based smartphone manufacturer. So far though, BlackBerry has disappointed: last month’s US $1 billion cash infusion from erstwhile buyer Fairfax Holdings, Ltd. and other investors has rescued the […]

RBC’s Secure Cloud for mobile wallet  

Canadians – and their banking institutions – have proved precocious in the embrace of new technologies. Early adopters of debit cards, Canadians have looked to their financial services providers for alternatives to the brick and mortar branch approach to banking and found ATMs and Interac, as well as telephone, online and mobile options to simplify […]

Linda Mantia, EVP, Cards and Payments Solutions, RBC