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The Guardian: Lies, damn pies and obesity statistics – We’re NOT a nation of fatties

InsightaaS: The Guardian is one of the world’s most respected news sources. Founded in 1821, it has stayed relevant by providing in-depth analysis of both local (UK) and global issues.  We last featured content from The Guardian on October 6. Given the richness of perspective found on the web, it’s very unusual for us to feature any source [...]

Vinnie Mirchandani: GE – Give us your Dull, Dirty and Dangerous Data

InsightaaS: Over the past several months, we’ve notices some subtle but interesting shifts in IoT discussions. One has been the increasing use of the term “data lakes” to describe (according to WhatIs.com) are “any large data pool in which the schema  and data requirements are not defined until the data is queried. The other, and more important, [...]

Bosch SI: Big data – 5 key capabilities for data management in IoT 1

InsightaaS: In July, we featured a post by Bosch Software Innovations – a division of the German industrial giant that “designs, develops, and operates innovative software and system solutions that help our customers around the world both in the Internet of Things and in the traditional enterprise environment” – which asked the question “how much [...]

Uses of Big Data by country

Accenture: Companies Are Satisfied with Business Outcomes from Big Data

InsightaaS: Accenture doesn’t really need an introduction, but as ATN generally provides one at the top of each post, we’ll provide one here: “Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with more than 293,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries.: The company is known as a global expert in [...]

The Sunday Infographic: 12 Big Data 1-to-1 Marketing Myths

Today’s Sunday Infographic was posted to BigData-Startups.com by the DMA Data Council, which descibes itself as “a UK organisation that connects, enables and inspires their members to drive business growth through 1 to 1 to millions communication.” In “12 Big Data 1-to-1 Marketing Myths,” the DMA provides a very balanced perspective on whether and how Big [...]