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Anatomy of an acquisition: creating the “perfect storm”  

Conventional wisdom on developing new capability holds that there are three distinct approaches – companies can build, buy or ally. Each path is viewed as offering its own advantage: while many organizations acquire companies for quick entrée to new IP or resources, others choose to partner for low cost access to technology, and yet a […]

Girish Varma, president, global IT services and new market development, CenturyLink

Paul Lewis

HDS: Creating value from Big Data – make predictions using Machine Learning  

InsightaaS: Anyone who has read the Big Data coverage on this site or my book on cloud will know that I have a lot of time for Paul Lewis. Now CTO of HDS Canada, Lewis combines deep insight into Big Data and related issues with a genuine and humorous way of structuring his point of […]

Track and G2 on new people-finding mission  

Big Data, advanced analytics and ubiquitous communications are creating a firestorm of opportunity for organizations with the right tools to harness their energy. One of the more promising applications – location-based intelligence services – is now poised for substantial growth. According to a five year forecast from Pyramid Research, global location-based services revenue will reach […]

Tom Gilgan, CTO, Track Group 2

Louis Columbus: Ten Ways Big Data Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing 1

InsightaaS: Louis Columbus’s A Passion for Research blog is one of the most interesting sources of information on the internet. In past months, I have highlighted several of his “roundup” posts – compiled perspectives on forecasts and estimates on the cloud computing industry, analytics/Big Data and business intelligence, 3D printing, even on available cloud courses – and found broad […]