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Roger Kay on Forbes.com: Form Factor Epiphany

InsightaaS: Roger Kay is one of the world’s leading experts on client technology, including PCs, tablets and mobiles. Formerly a senior executive at IDC, Kay is now president of his own firm, Endpoint Technology Partners, and is a regular contributor to Forbes.com; the piece featured here was published on Forbes.com earlier this month. In it, [...]

Juniper Research: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Mobile Devices to More Than Double by 2019

InsightaaS: It is our practice to feature a sustainability-themed item in each Sunday’s Across the Net. It isn’t our practice to carry press releases – but we found this one interesting enough to warrant an exception. Several important sources (such as SMARTer 2020) have highlighted the impact that distributed technology has on power use, and [...]

Chuck’s Blog: Towards A Unified View of “Software Defined”

InsightaaS: Chuck Hollis is a former EMC executive who is now chief strategist for VMware’s SAS (storage and application services) business unit, and author of the well-regarded Chuck’s Blog. In May, Hollis published an interesting post on software-defined storage (featured here on June 2)  – and this month, he has expanded the scope of the [...]

Krigsman: Brand promise, customer experience, and CMO lessons for the CIO

InsightaaS: Regular readers of Across the Net are aware of our respect for Michael Krigsman, well-known IT expert and author of the widely-read Beyond IT Failure blog on ZDNet. We appreciate Krigsman’s tendency to base his posts on extensive research, and to present a distinct (and informed) point of view on subjects that we consider [...]