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HealthWorks Collective: Why a “Switzerland Approach” Might Become a Key Part of Wearable Health Platforms

InsightaaS: The HealthWorks Collective is “an editorially independent, moderated community for thought leaders in international healthcare” sponsored by Siemens. The site has posts on a wide range of healthcare-related topics, including many on IT/healthcare issues. “Why a ‘Switzerland Approach’ Might Become a Key Part of Wearable Health Platforms” is one such IT-centric piece. In it, [...]

The Sunday Infographic: How Many Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide…?

InsightaaS: As regular Across the Net readers know, we’re in the habit of publishing an infographic each Sunday. Some readers may remember that in late April we broke with that tradition, publishing instead a link to the superb “World’s Biggest Data Breaches” interactive visualization from Information is Beautiful. Today, we return to Information is Beautiful [...]


MIT Technology Review: Energy Demands of Networked Devices Skyrocket

InsightaaS: Sometimes, we get so lost in individual trends that it comes as a shock when someone connects them. Many people will probably have that experience when they see the MIT Technology Review article “Energy Demands of Networked Devices Skyrocket.” We are all fully aware that the number of Internet-connected devices is growing and poised [...]

Nicholas Carr: Cluetrain crashes, casualties widespread

InsightaaS: Regular Across the Net readers are aware of the regard we have for Internet/IT philosopher Nicolas Carr of “IT Doesn’t Matter” fame; we consider his Rough Type blog to be required reading for those (including us!) who are trying to stay current with not just IT developments but their meaning. In this post, Carr discusses the [...]