Designed to answer the question “why” in enterprise technology, InsightaaS.com is an online property that connects research, in-depth industry coverage and leading social platforms. Content on the site has been divided into areas that address the most important business issues in IT: CloudIT Management, Analytics, Data Centre, and IoT. We publish approximately 150 unique, in-depth editorial pieces annually across these categories. In addition, our “Across the Net” section connects our followers with the best IT and related blog content on the Internet through 300+ reviews each year.

Our featured content is organized by type. News and Views contains the InsightaaS editorial team’s take on developments in the industry. Research and Resources delivers perspectives from the InsightaaS research group’s work, as well as from other global IT research leaders like The 451 Group and Techaisle. Featured Content contains our perspective on IT suppliers and announcements, and our concise “Vitamin Y” pieces provide snapshots of events, releases and similar developments.

While InsightaaS.com is primarily a ‘depth’ site, we work actively at establishing ‘breadth’ through our social activities. We maintain a number of Twitter accounts focused on specific topics, regions and categories (including our primary English-language broadcast account, InsightaaS, and our interactive InsightaaSocial account). We have also been building LinkedIn discussion groups aligned with our coverage areas: the /Cloud group and the /Analytics groups are already active, with others to follow in the future. We support video via a site-wide YouTube account to further extend the social reach of InsightaaS.

While InsightaaS.com itself is not yet two years old, the management team has extensive experience in building hybrid research/media, deep content businesses. Managing Editor Mary Allen led the development of IT in Canada’s online and print business to a leadership position within the Canadian IT market. Michael O’Neil’s innovative approach to media-connected research helped customers like HP, Dell, Microsoft and IBM to expand their presence in high-growth markets. Allen and O’Neil are recognized globally for their dedication to excellence: for example, they are now the sustainable IT columnists for Bloomberg BNA, advising the world’s largest organizations on sustainable IT strategy.

InsightaaS.com benefits not only from the trusted position of its founders, but from resources connecting its content with IT and business decision makers. As is noted above, InsightaaS.com already has an active cloud-focused LinkedIn group, and we have developed a multi-layered social strategy. Each month, we execute on an outreach program that extends to tens of thousands of enterprise IT and business managers, and benefit from the insights that these global contacts provide. Our core businesses benefit from individually-managed connections: our research group works closely with multiple research firms, and we work with a handful of carefully-selected freelancers to expand the scope and depth of our editorial coverage.

We are working with an ad-free model. Leading IT suppliers help support our work by sponsoring sections of the InsightaaS site, and by helping to connect us with thought leaders from across the IT community to ensure that we deliver the best possible content in our core areas. Currently, CenturyLink Technology Services (cloud), Information Builders (analytics), Dell (IT management), ABB (data centre) and DMTI (IoT) have helped fund InsightaaS content development; we thank them, and look forward to welcoming additional sponsors over time!

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