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Location analytics ‘how to’  

Technology has long been labelled an enabler of business success. But as more and more companies come to recognize how important transition to the ‘digital enterprise’ can be to competitive operation, this axiom is gathering momentum, taking on life as a critical imperative as opposed to organizational detail. This shift in thinking that is now […]

Rob Daleman, VP marketing and inside sales, DMTI Spatial

Terry Stuart, chief innovation officer, Deloitte Canada

What will it take for Canadian enterprises to win the innovation fight?  

Age of disruption: Are Canadian firms prepared? is the latest installment in Deloitte Canada’s Future of Canada series. This particular report looks at how advanced technologies are driving disruptive innovations that will bring “significant and permanent change to Canada’s business landscape.” The authors narrow the study down to five technologies that will have considerable disruptive […]

Beyond Convergence 1.0: the Nutanix private cloud-in-a-box  

Converged infrastructure is attracting a lot of attention in industry circles as the key means to reducing IT complexity in the data centre. But how exactly does infrastructure ‘converge’, how do various converged offerings differentiate and to what purpose? To answer these questions and more, InsightaaS spoke with Anton Granic, director of Nutanix’s Canadian business […]

Anton Granic, director, Nutanix Canada

dreamstime_s_18156378 - Collabmobilicloud

Drawing the lines between Collabmobilicloud  

Is cloud a solution? Are collaboration and mobility technology outcomes? Or is a solution the answer to a user’s problems? Increasingly, in a new work era defined by staff mobility and flexibility, businesses are approaching technology acquisition in this last light – as one of several inputs to resolving an issue or challenge, rather than […]

Adapting renewable energy to the data centre  

Context: do renewables have a place in the data centre environment? Interest in renewables is driven by two key requirements: environmental sustainability and energy savings. Power consumption within a data centre environment is substantial, accounting for almost half of total operating expenses. When one factors in escalating and unpredictable energy costs, along with fees associated […]

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