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Sarwar Raza, director, cloud networking and SDN, advanced technology group, HP Networking

An SDN primer

Much like cloud in the data centre a half decade back, software defined networking (SDN) is poised to revolutionize networking. A programmable interface that enables new levels of control over hardware infrastructure, SDN promises to ease the bottleneck to the acceleration of cloud computing that networking had become. But like any technology in its nascent [...]

Earth Rangers Centre tour 2014

Back in the 60s, a famous Canadian media philosopher coined the phrase “the medium is the message” to suggest that the delivery technology is in itself what provides meaning. In a variation on that theme, Cisco and Schneider met at the Earth Rangers Centre for Sustainable Technology this month to demonstrate how technology can not [...]

Peter Kendall, executive director, Earth Rangers


Bleeding Hearts

So much can change in a week. A scant few days ago, people believed that seeing that little padlock on a website’s address bar meant that their information was secure. They believed that networking hardware would protect their users from intruders. They believed their phones and other devices were relatively secure. The discovery of the [...]

Big Data facts, myths and eventualities: 8 insights and implications 2

Eleven years ago, Nicholas Carr published a Harvard Business Review article entitled “IT Doesn’t Matter” (followed quickly by a book with a slightly more ambiguous title, “Does IT Matter?”). While Carr’s thesis focused primarily on the notion that investment in standards-based technology consumed capital without delivering real competitive differentiation, it was used as shorthand to [...]

Paul Lewis