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451 Research: Cloud Price Index: mapping the ‘cloud war’ battle lines

InsightaaS: A cloud service is a service, is a service. Right? Not so, according to the 451 Research Group, which has developed a ‘Cloud Price Index’ to gauge cloud costs and identify opportunities for provider differentiation. In the article below, 451 senior analyst, digital economics, Owen Rogers offers a recent sample from the Index – [...]

Owen Rogers, senior analyst, digital economics, 451 Research Group

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Watson in commercial mode

If necessity is the mother of invention, commercialization is its handmaiden. Defined as the process whereby new products are brought to market, commercialization has been the subject of countless business and academic studies, and with good reason: though estimates vary, there is some consensus that close to 95 percent of inventions fail and only 5 [...]

Reconciling the carrier SDN paradox

How does advanced technology go mainstream? In the article below, Kevin Fogarty deals with this (new) age old question in the context of network virtualization in telecom carrier and service provider networks. If SDN for the enterprise is still a puzzle for many, complexity in these environments – due, as Fogarty points out, to sheer [...]

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Your decision is as good as your data

Our world has become a quantified one, with data serving as the objective measure of truth. While the average consumer is happy to cipher the health of food intake in percentages of daily requirement and to count ‘likes’ on social media platforms as a means of gauging sociability, use of quantitative research methodologies have extended [...]

Vincent Lam, marketing director, Information Builders