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Democratizing IT to drive digitization  

Kevin Peesker launched this year’s Dell’s Power To Do More IT Summit with the iconic video Did You Know? Documenting rapid fire the pace of change in the connected world of today, the video focuses on tech enablement, and, as the president of Dell Canada noted, on the merging of technology and business in global […]

Kevin Peesker, president, Dell Canada

Lyndsay Wise, president, Wise Analytics

Analytics, a multi-stakeholder play  

People, processes and technology are the three components of any technology project. Most organizations focus on the technology portion, attempting to improve business processes by trying to select the right infrastructure to make everything fit together successfully. In many cases, only a select few stakeholders are involved in identifying the requirements and frameworks that surround […]

Cloud ‘recipes’ to drive distribution  

A half decade back, ‘cloud’ loomed as a dark menace over the channel community: large cloud vendors would either sidestep the ‘trusted advisor’ in favour of a direct relationship with the end customer, or channel members would fall prey to a desperate ‘survival of the fittest’ selection that would winnow out all but the few […]

Craig McLellan, CEO, ThinkOn Inc.

Rick H Cisco

Vitamin Y: new Cisco Canada headquarters an “IoT living lab”  

Context: Cisco Canada is set to open doors this coming May on new Canadian headquarters in the RBC Waterpark Place III building at Harbour Square. The company will occupy floors 26 to 29 of the complex, as well as the second floor, which will house an Innovation Hub for customers and ecosystem partners to explore […]

OpenStack, converged infrastructure and enterprise IT: integration is king  

One needs to look no further for evidence that solution selling is still alive and well than the hyper-successful phenomenon of converged infrastructure. Converged infrastructure is the grouping of dissimilar but related technologies in an overall ‘stack’ (normally consisting of compute, storage, and networking functionality) with a single SKU. Single vendors such as Oracle, IBM […]

Patrick Pushor, cloud consultant and InsightaaS contributor