Tieto translating integration experience to Industrial Internet reality  

By most accounts, IoT offers huge potential for improvement of productivity, environmental health, and daily life, and analyst growth predictions for this opportunity are now estimated in the trillions of dollars. Gartner research, for example, has calculated that global incremental economic value generated from IoT will be $1.9 trillion in 2020, while Cisco researchers have […]


BlackBerry Classic

Classics rule  

People today love their toys. Whether it’s a gorgeous car to cater to a mid-life crisis, a fancy sound system, a high-end TV, or the latest smartphone, we seem to identify the newest, latest, and greatest as the be-all and end-all that will render everything that came before obsolete. In a corporate environment, however, the […]

The wearable challenge  

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show was, as usual, inundated with all sorts of new toys, many of which will inevitably make their way into the office. At top of the heap were wearable devices.  Wearables run the gamut from health and fitness monitoring devices such as the FitBit, to smart watches such as the Pebble, […]

Google Glass

James Carroll, CEO, LifeLearn Inc.

Watson in commercial mode  

If necessity is the mother of invention, commercialization is its handmaiden. Defined as the process whereby new products are brought to market, commercialization has been the subject of countless business and academic studies, and with good reason: though estimates vary, there is some consensus that close to 95 percent of inventions fail and only 5 […]

CRM triple play  

Background Reliance Home Comfort delivers mechanical systems and services to ensure home comfort. Based in Oshawa, Ontario, the company employs a large mobile sales (100 person) and service (350) workforce that installs and supports a range of furnace, air conditioner and water heater equipment brands across Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario, as well as 400 […]

Celso Mello, CIO, Reliance Home Comfort