DMTI Spatial outlines six ways to unlock the power of location  

A joint presentation by Glenn McGillivray, managing director of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (CMHC) and Philip Kaszuba, president, DMTI Spatial, offered an insightful perspective on what the insurance industry can expect in the months and years to come as they struggle with the impacts of climate change; and on the role location and […]

Phil Kaszuba - DMTI

Rajen Sheth, director of product management, Android for Work,  Google

Google crossing the line between work and play  

The launch of Android for Work has grabbed the attention of a lot of CIOs and developers. But is this announcement enough to make Android a strong enterprise play? Depending on where your inclinations lie, the factors that will determine the success of Android for Work in your environment are many, not the least of […]

Grooming the human element of IoT

The Internet of Things is already entrenched in the enterprise psyche. There are reams of materials to be found on the business benefits of engaging in the IoT revolution and constant debates around topics such as the bridging the IT/OT divide, the use of case studies, interoperability standards, mobile device management and interconnectivity. But what […]

Terry Stuart, chief innovation officer, Deloitte Canada

bank image

Risky business: location-based intelligence tackles credit management

Change is a constant in the financial world. But over the last decade, the pace and magnitude of change have introduced new imperatives in the management of credit risk. As regulators continue to increase the breadth and depth of regulatory oversight, companies are wrestling to address growing requirements while protecting profitability. Looming over these policy-level […]