DMTI Insights Session tackles financial analytics  

In an increasingly digitized world, data carries undeniable clout. At once the source of insight into optimizing business operations, data also supports the development of products and services that were unimagined before as new sources of social and sensor information – and the technology to manage it – come online. But if the vision for […]

Susan Doniz, global CIO, Aimia, at DMTI session

Women in Technology panel, CiscoLive! 2015
Courtesy: Cisco

Le roi est mort, vive le roi!  

As these things go, the 26th CiscoLive! user conference was a feast for the drama lovers among us. And who doesn’t love drama? Apparently quite a few, as a record 26,000 attendees gathered in San Diego last week looking to learn more about changing of the guard at this key IT vendor organization, adding speculation […]

James Maynard, president and CEO, Wavefront

Wavefront Summit 2015 trains eyes on IoT  

The Internet of Things is a moving target that defies tidy description. Essentially a technology-enabled solutions approach to solving problems, IoT is comprised of multiple moving parts that when deployed together can offer new, unimagined levels of service delivery for businesses, citizens and the planet. Popularization of the term – and its application to a […]

Location analytics ‘how to’

Technology has long been labelled an enabler of business success. But as more and more companies come to recognize how important transition to the ‘digital enterprise’ can be to competitive operation, this axiom is gathering momentum, taking on life as a critical imperative as opposed to organizational detail. This shift in thinking that is now […]

Rob Daleman, VP marketing and inside sales, DMTI Spatial