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Beyond Convergence 1.0: the Nutanix private cloud-in-a-box  

Converged infrastructure is attracting a lot of attention in industry circles as the key means to reducing IT complexity in the data centre. But how exactly does infrastructure ‘converge’, how do various converged offerings differentiate and to what purpose? To answer these questions and more, InsightaaS spoke with Anton Granic, director of Nutanix’s Canadian business […]

Anton Granic, director, Nutanix Canada

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Adapting renewable energy to the data centre  

Context: do renewables have a place in the data centre environment? Interest in renewables is driven by two key requirements: environmental sustainability and energy savings. Power consumption within a data centre environment is substantial, accounting for almost half of total operating expenses. When one factors in escalating and unpredictable energy costs, along with fees associated […]

New power solutions, new presentation at DCD 1

Edgar Dales’ ‘cone of experience’ has inspired education researchers since 1946 to explore the effectiveness of various approaches to knowledge transfer. When numbers are applied to Dales’ conceptual model to show retention rates for various media, as researchers from the National Training Laboratories found in 2000, the results are stunning: only about 5 percent of […]

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Matryn Jackson, senior solutions architect, Enterprise Systems Group, Dell

Hyperscale to enterprise Main street

InsightaaS: Martyn Jackson is a senior solutions architect with Dell’s Enterprise Systems Group and a 10 year Dell veteran. With over 25 years of experience supporting, building and designing IT solutions across a range of industries from sectors as diverse as energy, finance and healthcare, he has developed an interesting perspective from which to share […]

OpenStack, converged infrastructure and enterprise IT: integration is king

One needs to look no further for evidence that solution selling is still alive and well than the hyper-successful phenomenon of converged infrastructure. Converged infrastructure is the grouping of dissimilar but related technologies in an overall ‘stack’ (normally consisting of compute, storage, and networking functionality) with a single SKU. Single vendors such as Oracle, IBM […]

Patrick Pushor, cloud consultant and InsightaaS contributor