IT Management & Control

Who can you trust?

Technology, like any tool, can be used well or badly. Sometimes the bad is malicious, and sometimes it’s just the result of laziness, carelessness, inexperience, or thoughtlessness. I’m hoping the latest mobile revelation falls into one of the latter categories. Researchers at Columbia University discovered that many apps in the official Android app store, Google [...]



Heartbleed should be making you sweat

It’s been a couple of months since news of the Heartbleed vulnerability first spawned global near-hysteria. The bug, which sat virtually unnoticed on approximately two-thirds of the world’s web servers for about two years before it grabbed global headlines, was a weakness in the widely used OpenSSL security code for authenticating users which made it [...]

Digitization driving healthcare necessity and invention

A key beneficiary of the transformative impact of IT, healthcare is undergoing massive change. Like many other industries, this sector is renovating to set the foundations for information-based business, in which digital data serves as the source of new productivity and value. While Big Data solutions are revolutionizing clinical and pure research, EHR systems are [...]


CASL and e-communications in Canada: in pursuit of the Dark Ages

Context: For many of us, the 1990s don’t seem like a very long time ago – but from a work mode perspective, they are almost the Dark Ages. At the beginning of the 1990s, firms with “knowledge workers” (not yet called that) maintained filing systems filled with oddly-shaped pieces of paper, photographs and cardboard folders, [...]

Do you need a DRP for winter?

For anyone responsible for purchasing deploying, maintaining or even using technology in anything remotely approaching a business setting – meaning all of us – the real impact is only just beginning to be understood. And the lessons are frightening indeed. The calendar may very well confirm that we’re already well into the spring season, but [...]