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Here we go again

Innovation can be a wonderful thing. The trouble is, it’s a two-edged sword that can be used for good or ill. And when there’s profit involved, honest people and criminals alike have a huge incentive to look for that next interesting or useful thing. Sadly for us, in the cat-and-mouse game of cyber security, the [...]

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to

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Risks of public cloud multiply even as enterprise use surges

A few years back, raising the issue of data privacy was viewed in many IT discussions as a traitorous act. Dazzled by the economic potential in new sources and analytic platforms for Big Data, neither vendors nor technology users appeared very willing to consider the privacy challenge that was rearing its ugly head. In the [...]

Cloud relationships rule at Dell World 2014

Dell had a lot to crow about at its fourth annual user conference in Austin, Texas this week. In his opening keynote address at Dell World 2014, chairman and CEO Michael Dell pointed to various research estimates that position the company as the top provider of disk storage systems (based on total terabytes of internal [...]

Anand Sankaran, president, infrastructure and cloud computing, Dell Services

Christine Forbes McDermott, senior director, global partner marketing, Dell Software

Dell trains eyes on security software

In building its Software Group, Dell has been careful to observe two key management maxims: the importance of integrating new capabilities to leverage the value of the whole, and the need to correctly identify and address emerging market need. Established back in February 2012, Dell Software was formed coincident with the acquisition of IT management [...]

Vitamin Y: The value of (business) collaboration

Context: At InsightaaS, we write extensively about “collaboration” – and like many professionals with an IT bent, we often interpret the term itself as referring to a set of technologies first, considering interaction as a supported function. There are some parallels when we consider collaboration as a business activity rather than viewing it as an [...]

Peesker and the ice buckets