Vitamin Y: Paul Lewis on why “You don’t have a Big Data problem”

Context: Paul Lewis is a CTO with a deep interest in Big Data. Now with Hitachi Data Systems after holding IT executive positions at Davis + Henderson and other firms, Lewis has a deep understanding of the importance of data to business strategy, and the relationship between that data and storage strategies, and between storage [...]

Paul Lewis

Martin Fink, CTO HP with memristor

Discover 2014 a showcase for Apollo, Sharks, HPC and The Machine

“We are back!” Meg Whitman proclaimed from the main stage of this year’s HP Discover conference in Las Vegas this week.  Referring obliquely to fallout from some questionable acquisitions and fierce competition in some of HP’s core markets over the past couple of years, the CEO pointed to financial recovery achieved through streamlining and restructuring [...]

Dell technology enabling Spin VFX growth curve

Background: Toronto-based visual effects studio Spin VFX is in growth mode. Fuelled by increasing viewer appetite for adventure and fantasy content, the Emmy-award winning studio is building considerable reputation in the video world for its work on projects such as Game of Thrones, The Borgias, and The Twilight Saga, high profile items in the studio’s [...]

Ali Neishaw, president and executive producer, Spin VFX


Hybrid Momentum: a new whitepaper from 2

How – and how quickly – will cloud delivery models become an essential part of IT infrastructure, and what should IT management do to manage through the transition from traditional to hybrid environments? has published an HP-sponsored whitepaper that combines a long-term forecast of infrastructure spending in Canada with five tactical steps that will [...]

HDS enabling ‘continuous cloud’

Time was, storage value was measured in lowest cost per stored bit and pricing trend lines exhibited a relentless spiral downward as technology innovation led to storage commoditization. In enterprise environments of today, the information explosion has meant that this equation is more likely to be calculated in cost per terabytes or even petabyte of [...]

Marcel Escorcio, , RVP and GM of Hitachi Canada