Reset on the panacea of cloud  

Finding the path from initial pain to cloud success isn’t a straightforward process, Michael O’Neil, principal at InsightaaS and author of The Death of Core Competency: A management guide to cloud computing and the zero-friction future, told an IT audience hosted by CenturyLink at the St. Andrew’s Club. Yet according to a recent survey by […]

Richard Seroter, head of product management, CenturyLink Cloud

Patrick Pushor, cloud consultant and InsightaaS contributor

The “do’s” and “don’ts” of application migration  

Patrick Pushor is a creative thinker based out of Western Canada with a fierce focus on cloud computing and related technologies. Patrick consults in many IT disciplines related to automation, business process modelling, virtualization and cloud, and demonstrates his deep expertise in this first contribution to InsightaaS – a “how to” of application migration. The piece […]

Windows 10 January preview  

After having 1.7 million users bash away at the first preview and provide feedback – some 800,000 pieces of it – Microsoft has gone back to the drawing board on a number of features in Windows 10, especially those that could make enterprise customers happy. The technical preview released this month reflects those changes – […]

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS.com

Michael Laurie, co-founder and VP, product strategy, Silanis

Silanis works cloud for customer and company benefit  

Half a decade ago, cloud computing burst onto the commercial scene as a viable option for the delivery of software, IT infrastructure, and even platform services. Cloud marketers promised a number of adoption benefits that were not limited to, but focused first on cost reduction achieved through new efficiencies gained in the sharing of multi-tenant […]

Twelve Steps to Cloud Success: A Presentation  

In November, InsightaaS principal analyst Michael O’Neil published the acclaimed “The Death of Core Competency: A management guide to cloud computing and the zero-friction future.” The first-ever title published under the InsightaaS Press imprint, The Death of Core Competency combined a vision of cloud’s impact on executive management with practical guidance on adopting cloud across […]