Roadmapping the Cloud and The Phoenix Project: A double-feature on April 28!

We don’t generally run promotional pieces on InsightaaS, but I’m involved in an upcoming event that I think will be really interesting – and it connects to content that is “hot” in IT circles, so there’s some additional reason for bringing this to the attention of our readers. The “Roadmap to Cloud Success” event is […]


Craig McLellan, CEO, ThinkOn Inc.

Cloud ‘recipes’ to drive distribution  

A half decade back, ‘cloud’ loomed as a dark menace over the channel community: large cloud vendors would either sidestep the ‘trusted advisor’ in favour of a direct relationship with the end customer, or channel members would fall prey to a desperate ‘survival of the fittest’ selection that would winnow out all but the few […]

Scaling EHR with CenturyLink cloud  

Founded in 2002, Nightingale is one of the largest providers of cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) and practice management solutions to Ontario healthcare organizations, and is expanding its business in several other Canadian provinces and the US. Adopting a workflow-based approach, the company works to automate processes in practice management, medical records management, billing and […]

Ijaaz Ullah, VP, information technology and privacy officer, Nightingale

IBM Opens SoftLayer cloud centre in Montréal

IBM opened its newest SoftLayer data centre in Drummondville, just outside of Montreal, Quebec this past week. Just six months after launching its Toronto facility (in August of 2014), the IBM cloud-computing footprint has expanded in the Canadian market. With this new facility, IBM aims to offer French language clients transparency, flexibility, security and control […]

Malcolm Smith, GTS consulting services leader, IBM Canada