Building bimodal bridges 1  

Gartner has applied a simple framework to complex IT reality. Separating the enterprise into “bimodal” IT operation, Gartner researchers claim that 75 percent of enterprises now experience a bifurcation of IT into two modes, based on surveys of the firm’s client base. But what exactly are these ‘modes’, how do they interact, and what if […]

Shawn Rosemarin, Chief-of Staff, Americas Systems Engineering, VMware

Aamir Hussain, EVP and CTO, CenturyLink

Beyond the numbers – tips on building cloud awareness  

A web search on cloud adoption rates generates a dazzling array of charts and stats that for years have been telling a familiar story: some links simply aggregate numbers to say the same. And while there is some variation on the theme, i.e. relatively more enterprises are now using public cloud than private cloud infrastructure, […]

Three types of intelligence and their impact on cloud skills strategy

Since launching in April, the Toronto Cloud Business Coalition (TCBC) has identified 10 key focus areas that are important to the acceleration of cloud adoption and use in the GTA/Canada, and has established working groups to develop best practices positions in each area. As we move through the process, we’re starting to see connections emerge […]


Dave Mahon, Chief Security Officer, CenturyLink

CenturyLink CSO on defence against the “five bad actors”

Dave Mahon brings impressive credentials to his current position as Chief Security Officer at CenturyLink. Former supervisory special agent with the FBI, Mahon began his 31 year career with the US domestic spy agency investigating organized crime, moving from there to international terrorism. During his tenure, FBI investigative methods evolved with advance of the computer […]

Cloud services going rogue on corporate intranets

For years organizations have been battling silos. Whether it’s the data centre, communications infrastructure or software, over the past decades IT departments have leveraged existing technology and integrated it in ongoing attempts to create seamless service delivery. Arguably one of the most prolific silo-generating activities these days is the deployment of cloud services on the […]

Julian_Mills, head of corporate intranet and internal social media, BMO Financial Group