CTS a new private cloud ‘standards’ bearer

Long heralded as the cloud of choice for businesses with unique data security, privacy or regulatory requirements, private cloud deployment is like an itch that won’t go away. Despite media and industry focus on the efficiency and cost savings to be won in multi-tenant environments, organizational need to leverage existing system and infrastructure investments, new [...]

Richard Seroter, head of product management, CenturyLink Cloud

Automation overdrive: from IaaS to Blueprint engine

“Automation is the lifeblood of cloud,” according to David Shacochis. “It’s like liquidity in the financial sphere – if we had to barter and negotiate every single transaction, the economy would stagnate.” Shacochis’ observation speaks to a perception of cloud technology that is commonly held if not well understood – and to his own firm [...]

David Shacochis, VP, cloud automation platform, CenturyLInk Technology Solutions

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451 Research: Zombie accounts and ‘freemium’ business models 1

InsightaaS perspective: 451 Research is one of the world’s leading sources of insight into cutting edge technologies – including areas that are important to InsightaaS and our principals, such as cloud, collaboration, analytics, and sustainable IT. As regular visitors to this site are aware, works with 451 Research to bring occasional thought leadership pieces [...]

Spambots say the nicest things

During the course of our first year, has marked a number of milestones. We’ve published more than 400 posts. With the help of our amazing sponsors (HP, CenturyLink Technology Solutions, Information Builders, Dell and now Hitachi Data Systems – thank you!), we’ve proven the viability of a new business model. We’ve built traction in [...]

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