At the juncture of data lakes and C3PO  

InsightaaS: One of the bloggers that ATN follows closely is Paul Lewis, CTO for Hitachi Canada, who uses a variety of comedic twists to make serious points about Big Data. Paul’s most recent post, “The Brain of a Grumbling Droid … Adding Data Lakes to Enterprise Information Management,” is a great example of this mixture of […]

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CEO, Information Builders

Curious about the trials, tools and techniques in data analytics?  

The annual Information Builders Summit is about building community. As company CMO and SVP marketing Michael Corcoran noted in introductory remarks to the keynote assembly at this month’s Orlando event, half of the summit presentations would be delivered by Information Builders (IB) customers, a rare phenomenon at vendor conferences, which demonstrates the value IB places […]

Journey analytics breaking down infinity  

Just when you think you have mastered the breaking down of information silos within your organization, analytics throws additional wrenches into the works. Whether talking ecommerce or manufacturing, the plethora of data being generated by everything from smartphones to equipment sensors can strain even the most sophisticated of analytics capabilities. A passage that is gaining […]

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Data monetization via external apps  

Many vendors talk about the importance of extracting value from information, but Information Builders (IB) is able to show how analytics have struck the mother lode in tech deployment – new revenue streams. The primary vehicle for this is the customer case study, which serves as a showcase for new technology, but also to demonstrate […]

When should organizations consider predictive analytics?  

Many organizations have been leveraging Business Intelligence (BI) for years and are slowly taking advantage of Big Data platforms to gain access to diverse data and address complex analytical needs. But with increased competition, organizations also require the ability to look ahead as well as back to get the sense of how to improve performance, […]

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