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Infographic: A primer on AWS  

InsightaaS: Is it a trend, or just the need for “summer reading” in the IT industry? Whatever the cause, ATN is starting to see some very interesting infographics. Today’s comes from Udemy, which has produced the graphic as a companion to an online course it offers entitled “AWS Certified Solutions Architect (2013).” It provides some […]


Julian_Mills, head of corporate intranet and internal social media, BMO Financial Group

Cloud services going rogue on corporate intranets  

For years organizations have been battling silos. Whether it’s the data centre, communications infrastructure or software, over the past decades IT departments have leveraged existing technology and integrated it in ongoing attempts to create seamless service delivery. Arguably one of the most prolific silo-generating activities these days is the deployment of cloud services on the […]

New infographic: A communication framework for change agents  

InsightaaS: Infographics can be a tricky means of communications: often, they contain too little information to be really useful, or lack the context needed to make business sense of their key mesages. Today’s featured infographic avoids both issues. Prepared by Workboard, a collaboration application supplier, the infographic does a terrific job of illustrating key issues […]


Growth and Value

SaaS Capital: No Churn – Keep customers and improve your SaaS company valuation (2015 update)  

InsightaaS: SaaS Capital has just released a new whitepaper, one which dovetails neatly with the focus of the TCBC group focused on financing cloud businesses. It provides a clear perspective, backed by both research and experience, on the connection between customer churn and valuation. The impact of churn on revenue and growth – the twin […]

Defining cloud planning for the SMB  

InsightaaS: The Toronto Cloud Business Coalition is a group of professionals from all sectors of the cloud economy – suppliers, intermediaries, IT management, finance professionals, academics and other experts – that is working to accelerate cloud adoption and growth in the GTA and across Canada. TCBC has multidisciplinary groups working on development of best/proven practices perspectives in […]