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At the juncture of data lakes and C3PO  

InsightaaS: One of the bloggers that ATN follows closely is Paul Lewis, CTO for Hitachi Canada, who uses a variety of comedic twists to make serious points about Big Data. Paul’s most recent post, “The Brain of a Grumbling Droid … Adding Data Lakes to Enterprise Information Management,” is a great example of this mixture of […]

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Shawn Rosemarin, executive director, systems engineering, VMware Canada

VMware builds company and community support for mobile deployments  

The mobile revolution is well underway and shows no signs of waning. At the hardware level, smartphone penetration has moved into hyperdrive: according to the Boston Consulting Group, it took a decade to reach the first billion in global smartphone penetration; however, falling prices have meant the next billion was achieved in the last three […]

The “final word” – Death of Core Competency, plus Jonathan King returns to TO!  

When I published The Death of Core Competency: A management guide to cloud computing and the zero-friction future, I worked with CenturyLink to create a four-part presentation series walking through the four main sections of the book. The first presentation, focusing on the management implications of cloud, was integrated with the book launch last November. […]

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Shamrock Accords cover

ABB and InsightaaS release “The Shamrock Accords”  

ABB and InsightaaS have combined to produce a new report that consolidates insights from a diverse group of data center professionals examining the business rationale for investment in advanced power management technologies. “The Shamrock Accords” is the work product arising from an innovative lunch session hosted by ABB at the DatacenterDynamics Converged conference in New […]