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Infographic: Differences between Digital Asset Management and Cloud Storage  

InsightaaS: Being honest here, I wasn’t sure that I would post this infographic: it presents an extraordinarily one-sided view of the “advantages” of cloud storage vs the ADVANTAGES of DAM. However, the infographic does do a good job of highlighting some of the key issues involved with storing information on the cloud – and research continues to […]



HDS: CIOs Need Alternatives  

InsightaaS: Over the past two years, I’ve dedicated several ATNs to posts written by Paul Lewis, CTO for HDS in Canada. Lewis has a rare and appreciated gift for taking very complex issues and making their implications accessible to general business readers. Today’s feature varies a bit from Lewis’s usual approach, a little lighter on kid/Disney […]

Jeremiah Owyang: Google Enters the Collaborative Economy in a Big Way  

InsightaaS: Prompted by my interest in the work of Jeremiah Owyang, ATN has featured many pieces on the collaborative economy. The pace and increasing depth of discussion in this area has been remarkable: it hasn’t been a year since the first ATN post on the collaborative economy (Owyang’s original honeycomb diagram), but ince then, ATN been drawn back […]



ESG: Antivirus Usage Patterns Reveal Hints about Its Effectiveness  

InsightaaS: ESG is a Massachusetts-based analyst firm that offers a wide range of research and advisory services. Today’s featured post is based on a recent report published in the firm’s security and related services. In it, senior principal analyst Jon Oltsik looks at the relationship between how antivirus is purchased and used and how it […]

Veracap: When Considering M&A Opportunities, Should a TSX-V Public Company Announce Its Intentions?  

InsightaaS: Most entrepreneurs launch businesses because they are passionate about a particular area, or because they see an opportunity to meet a market need. Most are experts in their chosen fields; few are experts in the many related aspects of business management, including financing. As a result, entrepreneurs who are extremely capable at building businesses […]