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Techaisle: Seven Lessons for Successful deployment from Current SMB VDI and DaaS Users

InsightaaS: Regular readers of InsightaaS will recognize the name “Techaisle” – we often work with the California-based firm to produce research on the Canadian market, and on some of the other markets that Techaisle covers. Through our experience with the firm, we have developed enormous respect for the depth and perspective that Techaisle and its [...]

MIT Technology Review: Wireless Power for Minuscule Medical Implants

InsightaaS: One of the key challenges associated with the ‘Internet of Things’ is power – how much electricity will be needed to power billions of new devices, and how will we distribute that electricity to devices that are located in hard-to-reach areas, ranging from sensors beneath the sea to implants within our bodies? In July, [...]

The Sunday Infographic: Safety Features of Self-Driving Cars

InsightaaS: Readers might have gleaned from some of our recent features that InsightaaS is spending a fair amount of time on IoT research – in fact, today’s ATN is on the connection between IoT and medical impants. In the Sunday Infographic, we look at another hot IoT market – driverless vehicles. Today’s infographic, from Dell’s [...]

David Moschella: ‘Disruptive Innovation’ is More Relevant Than Ever

InsightaaS: As noted in an earlier post, we’re taking advantage of this last week in August to provide some additional commentary on a couple of the ‘hot topics’ that we’ve seen through the summer. On Wednesday, we highlighted a Gartner piece with a skeptical perspective on crowdfunding, which joined a previous ATN entry (focusing on [...]

Ars Technica: Should you go forward with a project if the code isn’t clean?

InsightaaS: Ars Technica is one of the web’s best-respected sources for technical insight. Founded in 1998 as a publication for “alpha geeks”, the site is a source of technology news, analysis of scientific advancements, gadget reviews, and related features. As today’s feature illustrates, Ars also acts as an important exchange point of peer insight. “Should [...]