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Jason Bloomberg: Big Data-Driven Innovation – Disruption vs. Optimization

InsightaaS: Author/analyst Jason Bloomberg (aka “TheEbizWizard”) is the managing partner of Intellyx, “the first and only advisory, training, and industry analysis firm focused on architecting agility for the enterprise.” Bloomberg has a well-earned reputation for independent thought (something that ATN readers experienced first-hand when we featured his “Seven Reasons why the Internet of Things is [...]

Uses of Big Data by country

Accenture: Companies Are Satisfied with Business Outcomes from Big Data

InsightaaS: Accenture doesn’t really need an introduction, but as ATN generally provides one at the top of each post, we’ll provide one here: “Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with more than 293,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries.: The company is known as a global expert in [...]

Nicholas Carr: Students and their devices

InsightaaS: “Back to school” has been on the minds of many people this month, and we thought we’d highlight some thoughts on the use of technology in classes. There isn’t any real dispute as to whether PCs and other personal devices are necessary productivity tools for any form of work in today;s society, including school [...]

The Sunday Infographic: 12 Big Data 1-to-1 Marketing Myths

Today’s Sunday Infographic was posted to by the DMA Data Council, which descibes itself as “a UK organisation that connects, enables and inspires their members to drive business growth through 1 to 1 to millions communication.” In “12 Big Data 1-to-1 Marketing Myths,” the DMA provides a very balanced perspective on whether and how Big [...]

World Economic Forum: How the data revolution will change the world

InsightaaS: Big Data seems to be everywhere in the media and blogosphere today, as commentators from all quarters put their perspective on what can and should be done in areas ranging from I0T to 1:1 marketing. Today, we are featuring an intriguing voice in this swelling chorus. The World Economic Forum’s “How the data revolution [...]