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CSO: Endpoint security trends for 2015 – What can we expect?  

InsightaaS: “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they’re different.” Most people are familiar with this saying, which draws a line between what we might expect and what we are likely to encounter in the real world. It came to mind when I was reviewing a CSO piece entitled “Endpoint security trends […]



The human and business costs of “resource actions”  

InsightaaS: It’s not news to anyone that making a living is a struggle. When I was younger, I used to sometimes chuckle at stores that closed down – “how could they think that would work?” As I got older, and especially, after I started a business of my own, I stopped laughing. Every “for rent” sign […]

CSC: Industry Disruptions Proceed At Their Own Pace  

InsightaaS: Long time readers of ATN are aware of the regard that I have for David Moschella, whose blog posts make CSC’s Leading Edge Forum an important source of IT insight. Today’s featured post illustrates the perspective that he brings to the industry. In it, Moschella challenges the notion that disruptive innovation “now happens much […]


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Nicholas Carr: Does innovation arc toward decadence?  

InsightaaS: Long-time readers of ATN have seen posts by Nicholas Carr highlighted in this space many times: past ATN posts have described Carr’s Rough Type blog as “required reading for those (including us!) who are trying to stay current with not just IT developments but their meaning.” Even by that high standard, the post featured […]

Nemertes: 5 Contact Center Predictions for 2015 (and a glance at 2014 in review)  

InsightaaS: As the world evolves away from person-to-person voice conversations as a primary means of connection/collaboration, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that corporations invest hundreds of billions (with a “B”!) in contact centres each year, and that these operations are in turn evolving to keep pace with changes in both technology options […]