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Scaling EHR with CenturyLink cloud  

Founded in 2002, Nightingale is one of the largest providers of cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) and practice management solutions to Ontario healthcare organizations, and is expanding its business in several other Canadian provinces and the US. Adopting a workflow-based approach, the company works to automate processes in practice management, medical records management, billing and […]

Ijaaz Ullah, VP, information technology and privacy officer, Nightingale

Todd Peterson, product marketing manager, identity and access management, Dell Software

Dell marries context analytics with cloud access  

Analytics are the new buzz, supplanting even cloud in the minds of managers, media and the vendor community. But there’s solid substance behind this inflation of the analytics bubble – the fact of their ability to address the increasingly complex data-driven challenges we face in productive life, and in the technology that supports it. Case […]

451 Research: Uptime Institute finds datacenters still differentiated by vision, design and efficiency  

InsightaaS: In the spirit of the Uptime Institute’s founding raison d’etre – the sharing of best practice in data centre design, technology and operation, InsightaaS is pleased to present here a review article on winners of the annual Brill Awards for Efficient IT. Established to honour the late founder of the Uptime Institute, Ken Brill, […]

Andy Lawrence, research VP, datacenter technologies & eco-efficient IT,  451 Research Group

Patricia Florissi, VP & global CTO for sales, EMC

EMC on board with International Women’s Day  

In celebration of International Women’s Day, EMC Canada hosted its second Women of Impact – Transforming the Face of IT meet up in Toronto last week with a panel featuring the stories of three women who have found success in the IT industry. Organized as a networker, the event was also designed to inspire young […]

Apto’s reuse, recycle business is booming  

‘Apto’ is Latin for “to adapt, to adjust, to accommodate”: it is also the name of an emerging company in the ITAD space. For Apto Solutions CEO James Kilkelly, this name root has philosophical meaning that relates to the asset disposal challenges that the IT industry now faces, and to how Apto works to address […]

James Kilkelly, CEO, Apto Solutions