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3M taking the HPC heat with immersion cooling 1

The ongoing search for ever more computing power through deployment of ever more powerful servers, combined with increasing constraints on data centre physical space are having predictable consequences – increasing server rack density, and with it, rising heat load in critical facilities. While an annual user group survey of 100 data centre operators in the [...]

Mike Garceau, business development manager, data center market, 3M electronics materials solutions division

Kip Compton, Cisco VP of IoT systems and software, Cisco

New IoT Reference Model creates common tongue 1

As a template for our times, the Tower of Babel myth has much to offer. In the Genesis story, when united in language and in purpose, humankind was able to construct a tower that reached into the heavens; but with languages “confounded” by a suspicious deity, people were scattered to the four corners of the [...]

CSPs the third wave in HP SDN

Complexity in data centre networking has become axiomatic, as pressures imposed by the need to keep up with virtualization and cloud, Big Data volume and variety, mobility and multiple devices have turned familiar ground for network designers, operators and administrators. But imagine this challenge in the distributed networking environments of the carrier, communications service provider [...]

Jacob Rapp, product marketing leader, HP networking

Anand Sankaran, president, infrastructure and cloud computing, Dell Services

Cloud relationships rule at Dell World 2014

Dell had a lot to crow about at its fourth annual user conference in Austin, Texas this week. In his opening keynote address at Dell World 2014, chairman and CEO Michael Dell pointed to various research estimates that position the company as the top provider of disk storage systems (based on total terabytes of internal [...]

Dell trains eyes on security software

In building its Software Group, Dell has been careful to observe two key management maxims: the importance of integrating new capabilities to leverage the value of the whole, and the need to correctly identify and address emerging market need. Established back in February 2012, Dell Software was formed coincident with the acquisition of IT management [...]

Christine Forbes McDermott, senior director, global partner marketing, Dell Software