Delving into Delve  

It’s been a while since Microsoft came up with a shiny new product. Sure, we’ve had upgrades of this and that: Windows, Office, development tools, and other products, but little that made people sit up and take notice. At the Microsoft Convergence conference this spring, that changed. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showed off something new: […]

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to


Collabmobilicloud: a new document series from InsightaaS  

Market observers and tech users are now well versed in the value proposition of cloud, mobility and collaboration technologies. But how these work together to empower new levels of workplace productivity is less well understood. With the support of Dell Canada, InsightaaS is exploring the merging of these technologies in a series of Viewpoint documents […]

Democratizing IT to drive digitization  

Kevin Peesker launched this year’s Dell’s Power To Do More IT Summit with the iconic video Did You Know? Documenting rapid fire the pace of change in the connected world of today, the video focuses on tech enablement, and, as the president of Dell Canada noted, on the merging of technology and business in global […]

Kevin Peesker, president, Dell Canada


Roadmapping the Cloud and The Phoenix Project: A double-feature on April 28!

We don’t generally run promotional pieces on InsightaaS, but I’m involved in an upcoming event that I think will be really interesting – and it connects to content that is “hot” in IT circles, so there’s some additional reason for bringing this to the attention of our readers. The “Roadmap to Cloud Success” event is […]

New power solutions, new presentation at DCD 1  

Edgar Dales’ ‘cone of experience’ has inspired education researchers since 1946 to explore the effectiveness of various approaches to knowledge transfer. When numbers are applied to Dales’ conceptual model to show retention rates for various media, as researchers from the National Training Laboratories found in 2000, the results are stunning: only about 5 percent of […]

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