Windows 10

When Microsoft introduced Windows 8, enterprises reacted much as vampires do to garlic – they threw up their arms and screamed “Noooooooo”. There was too much change. There was too little management. And it would have been an expensive pain in the – ahem – to implement. One has to wonder what the folks at [...]

Windows 10, desktop with new start menu open

Bruce Taylor, EVP North America, Datacenter Dynamics

Datacenter Dynamics tours Toronto

Most events in the technology industry are organized around the release of a new product, the opening of a new corporate location, or serve to showcase a company and its services. The Datacenter Dynamics (DCD) conference, held at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel on November 6, was assembled for none of these reasons. In stark contrast [...]

3M taking the HPC heat with immersion cooling 1

The ongoing search for ever more computing power through deployment of ever more powerful servers, combined with increasing constraints on data centre physical space are having predictable consequences – increasing server rack density, and with it, rising heat load in critical facilities. While an annual user group survey of 100 data centre operators in the [...]

Mike Garceau, business development manager, data center market, 3M electronics materials solutions division

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to

Here we go again

Innovation can be a wonderful thing. The trouble is, it’s a two-edged sword that can be used for good or ill. And when there’s profit involved, honest people and criminals alike have a huge incentive to look for that next interesting or useful thing. Sadly for us, in the cat-and-mouse game of cyber security, the [...]

New IoT Reference Model creates common tongue 1

As a template for our times, the Tower of Babel myth has much to offer. In the Genesis story, when united in language and in purpose, humankind was able to construct a tower that reached into the heavens; but with languages “confounded” by a suspicious deity, people were scattered to the four corners of the [...]

Kip Compton, Cisco VP of IoT systems and software, Cisco